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Trailer Wheels On Sale Now Plus Free Shipping! Customers are sure to receive only the best products from Vision Off-Road Wheels - Supreme Style. The Vision Off-Road Rims promises to deliver style and performance to any driver. Vision Off-Road Wheels' goal is to be the nations' best supplier of custom after-market wheels. Vision Off-Road Wheels show cases a top-notch, industry-leading lineup that sets the standard in 2013 and beyond.

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You love the outdoors. You need something for work. You want something that can haul the dirt bikes and ATV’s for the weekend. You need a trailer. Once you’ve made the investment, you need to know the basic routine maintenance that every trailer owner should be aware of and how important it is to keep your trailer on the road safely. Click Here to learn how to keep your trailer in top spec.

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When it comes to selecting trailer rims, style is just a basic consideration. You'll want to make certain that your wheels can resist substances or chemicals to which they may become exposed. This is especially important if you're lining up to use your trailer for marine purposes. Salt water can destroy trailer wheels, causing them to corrode rapidly. Choosing the correct metal for your trailer wheels is more than an issue of visual appearance but more importantly, one of durability.

As you're shopping to upgrade the wheels on your trailer or you need new trailer wheel hubs, you need to know the lug pattern of the hub to determine the correct lug pattern of the trailer wheel size. Typical trailer rims sizes range from 14-to-18-inch with 4 lug, 5 lug, 6 lug or 8 lug patterns. The lug pattern measures the diameter around the circle formed by the lugs on the wheel. Two numbers are used to determine lug patterns, the first being the number of lugs on the wheel and the second being the distance measured across from each lug, or the diameter.

Trailer Wheels from Wheel 1 are constructed to the same exacting standards of quality as other performance wheels in the Wheel 1 line. Trailer wheels add an element of style for any trailer to match the high style of any customized truck or SUV. Let the trailer match the tow vehicle in style with Trailer Wheels from Wheel 1.Trailer Wheels are backed by over 40 years of aftermarket wheels industry experience. Trust Trailer Wheels to deliver in the toughest of times, whether on the street or in off-road settings. Be confident with a set of Trailer Wheels that satisfy even the toughest of critics by meeting the highest standards. Get the Hottest Trailer Wheels on the market Today!

Once you have made your trailer wheel selection, you'll need some rubber to cover them. Have a look at our huge tire selection and finish that trailer with a great looking and perfectly performing set of trailer wheels and tires.

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