Hoppy Tee Connector Trailer Wiring


Hoppy Tee Connectors allow you to connect your trailer's wiring system into your vehicle's wiring system Hoppy Tee connectors will keep you from having to cut into your vehicle's wiring system. This is much quicker than splicing and cutting, and this keeps the integrity of the vehicle's wiring system intact.

Hopkins Towing Solution is recognized as the automotive industry's leader in towing electrical products. Hoppy Tee Connectors Trailer Wiring System is another great offering from Hopkins. Try it now!


  • No cutting, No splicing- Saves time
  • Utilizes OEM connectors- enhanced fit and weatherproofing
  • Corrosion resistant terminals
  • Includes dust cover, ny-ties and grease packet

Hoppy Tee Connector Trailer Wiring