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B&W Hitches 20% Off Plus Free Shipping! B&W was founded in 1987, manufacturing the Turnoverball", an innovative product that revolutionized the Gooseneck Hitch and the 5th Wheel Hitch industry. Since then, B&W Hitch has been an industry leader providing the best quality towing applications. Backed by a state-of-the-art facility and an excellent work force committed to customer satisfaction; B&W has built a reputation for original design, top-notch quality and maximum durability.

B&W hitches are designed to last a lifetime so it is a good practice to anticipate and take into consideration any current and future towing needs. It is always a good practice to choose a hitch that is strong enough to handle the maximum anticipated total weight of the trailer. Referring to the manual of the truck is also a safe choice because not all vehicles can tow all classes of trailer and hitch.

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B&W hitches have a good reputation thanks to their high quality nature and strong designs. Under the company’s portfolio, there are the adjustable B&W Tow & Stow hitches. These hitches are designed for those who want flexibility and convenience from their accessories. These hitches are easy to stow when you are not towing anything and can be adjusted to various height to match your needs.
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When Rogers Baker got into the hitch manufacturing business he had come in with an excellent background in producing the best truck beds in town. He understood just how important a good towing hitch is to a trucker. He thus came up with his own set of innovative hitch designs such as the B&W Tow and Stow ball mounts and B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch.

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B&W Hitch was founded in a small garage in in Humboldt, Kansas. The founders Roger Baker and Joe Works started out making the highest quality truck beds on the market. Since then, words about their exceptional truck beds spread and paved the way for B&W.

It was in 1988, when Joe and Roger designed a hitch with a ball that could be pulled out, turned over, and stowed beneath the bed. Back then the popular option for getting rid of the gooseneck ball was a large plate with a ball that folded down. This could be a problem since doing so requires drilling a huge hole in the truck's bed making the installation burdensome. The new hitch they created was called the "Turnover Ball". B&W' innovation revolutionized the gooseneck hitch industry.

Unlike their competition, B&W's products are manufactured and assembled in the U.S. This is in line with the company's mission in providing heavy-duty and high quality products. While implementing the latest technology in manufacturing its truck beds and trailer hitches, B&W still believes that its skilled and dedicated craftsmen make the difference in the products they offer.

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