Fuel Wheels: The Ultimate Luxury Finishes for Off-Roading Wheels

Fuel wheels are synonymous with strength and durability on tough harsh terrains such as muddy, rocky or even sandy topographies. These world class wheels are made from high quality metals with corrosion resistant qualities.

Designed by the best in the industry, Fuel wheels are superior aftermarket accessories built to endure harsh weather conditions for street racing and off-road driving. Fuel wheels are available in the following categories:

• Fuel Dually wheels

• Fuel One Piece wheels

• Fuel Two-Piece Wheels

• Fuel Deep Lip wheels

What brings these powerful wheels to the forefront in the aftermarket industry are the lush finishes they possess. Let’s take a look at the most- selected, sophisticated finishes for the Fuel wheels:
Chrome Fuel wheel


Chrome is a timeless and classic wheel finish popular in the aftermarket industry. Loved for its sparkle and shine, Chrome is a favorite choice for many off-road drivers. With its striking appearance that gives off a luxury feel, Chrome is loved for its affordability even with its expensive look. Chrome coatings for Fuel wheels are available in a number of options

• Throttle Chrome

• Krank Chrome

• Pump Chrome

• Octane Chrome

Fuel wheels that comprise of Chrome finishes include the D508 Octane Chrome wheel, D512 Throttle Chrome, D516 Krank Chrome wheel and D514 Pump Chrome wheel just to name a few.

Disadvantages is that Chrome shows water spots after cleaning that may be unattractive to the eye. They also show dirt easily due to their bright hue.
Black Fuel wheel


Black wheel finishes are also a timeless option for wheel finishes in street and off-road driving. Black wheels are sporty and very elegant, Black is a striking phantom color that makes a firm statement to fellow drivers on the road. For Fuel wheels, Black wheel finishes are available in:

• Black-Milled: Polished Raw machined aluminum wheel cut with a milling cutter

• Matte Black: an under-stated shade of black powder finish that is mellow and not shiny

• Matte black and milled: The dull-colored black coating has been cut with a milling cutter

• Black Machined :The polished black powder coating

• Gloss Black: Shiny luscious black finish powder coating


The other celebrated finishes include PVD coating that stands for Physical Vapor Deposition coating. They are preferred for their added durability to the wheel and extra bright Chrome-like appearance. PVD finishes are lighter in weight and lower in cost than the traditional chrome finish. To boot, PVD would be the ultimate choice for the green enthusiast as they are produced without toxic chemicals such as Chromium VI. For Fuel wheels, PVD finishes are applied on D533 Boost PVD Chrome wheel.

By: Sean Bowes
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