Rear Lowering Kits

Rear Lowering Kits

TRUXXX is based in Tucson Arizona, only 60 miles from the border of Mexico, in the Sonoran Desert. This company was formed because TRUXXX felt that there was a shortfall in the marketplace - no company was focused on simply lifting and leveling the trucks and SUVs on the market, making the truck look the way its designer intended. All TRUXXX kits are designed with 3-D modeling, using the latest in computer design software. In fact, TRUXXX starts with the manufacturers own drawings for our initial prototypes - but TRUXXX doesn't stop there. After its design is complete in the virtual world, TRUXXX test fits it to several different trucks in order to account for any production variances from the OEMs.

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More About Truxxx Rear Lowering Kits

All TRUXXX products are made with the latest in computer controlled laser cutters, as well as a computer controlled punch and plasma cutter. All the kits are precision welded in jigs for accuracy and then powder coated. Even the box the lift kit comes is is upgraded, custom boxes and special inserts used instead of the cheaper bubble wrap or paper. All the nuts and studs TRUXXX uses are top quality. Where the OEM uses a 10mm stud, TRUXXX uses a 10mm stud - there are no short cuts with our kit. The nuts TRUXXX uses are the more expensive serrated flange head nuts, with the built in washer. TRUXXX could have gone with cheap hardware, but why? The TRUXXX obsession with making the highest quality kit is evident in the details.

All TRUXXX kits allow the use of stock tires and wheels, so you wont get stranded when you get a flat tire and our kits maintain stock track width. Its the little details that make the difference - TRUXXX decided to concentrate on one thing and to do it really well, and that is lift and level kits. Unlike other kits on the market, not only can you install TRUXXX kits easily - you can remove it easily too! Just in case you wanted to lift a truck you had leased, and didn't feel like losing your investment. Why give the car dealer too much of your hard earned money?