T-Rex Grilles Adds 7 New Grilles for the 2014 Toyota 4Runner

Early last month, T-Rex expanded its Toyota 4Runner grille portfolio with four new grilles for the 2014 model. T-Rex is one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket grilles and has been in the business for more than 17 years. These years have proved instrumental for the company whose singular purpose is to produce the finest truck grills and accessories for truck enthusiasts.

T-Rex brings new grilles to Toyota
The new T-Rex grilles include the polished/ black Billet grille inserts, polished/ black upper class mesh grilles, torch series grille, and polished/black X-Metal series studded main grilles. All these accessories have been designed and assembled with highly qualified engineers to ensure they are elegant, mean, and classy.

The Billet Series Grilles

The T-Rex Billet grilles are some of the most popular accessories the company has. For the 2014 Toyota 4Runner, the company has upgraded them for those who want to maintain that mean and classy look. These grilles are available in polished and black finishes that will match with almost any vehicle color.

T-Rex brings new grilles to Toyota
Like all other T-Rex products, these grilles guards are easy to install on your truck. They have been made to compliment the new Darth Vader styled front fascia of the 2014 4Runner and will therefore fit perfectly without any drilling.

The Upper class series grilles

The Upper class grilles for the 2014 4Runner are also designed to match well with the Darth Vader inspired front end. The premium mesh embedded on these grilles gives them a stylish look that sets them apart from other grilles. The use of top quality metals and a stylish design makes these grilles superior in form and design.

The T-Rex Upper class grilles have a 12-gauge frame that has either a black or polished finish. They are also rust and corrosion resistant for improved strength and durability. The premium mesh is made using stainless steel that guarantees protection of your truck’s front end.

X-Metal Grille

For those who still want a daring and bold look on their 2014 4Runner’s, T-Rex has upgraded the X-Metal series (http://4wheelonline.com/T-Rex_X-Metal_Grilles.215831). They are made with heavy gauge frames with woven wire meshes and the X-Metal logo at the centre. Installing these grilles is very easy and they come in either black or polished finishes.

Torch LED Grilles

T-Rex brings new grilles to Toyota
For the 2014 4Runner, T-Rex also upgraded the Torch LED series. These grilles will only be available in black and are meant to give your truck a mean and stylish look. These lighted grilles come with pre-installed LED lights that improve visibility when driving at night.

Like all the other T-Rex grilles for the 2014 4Runner, the Torch LED grilles are made with superior quality materials and are designed to take advantage of the Darth Vader styled front end.

By: Tim Snyder
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