Superchips Jeep Tuners

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Superchips Jeep tuners allow for increased horsepower and fuel efficiency combined with unrelenting performance and world-class quality. Superchips Jeep has never been so easy to use! Superchips Jeep offers the Superchips FlashPaq which optimizes air/fuel ratio, remaps transition shift points and enhances up the limiter's top speed. Superchips FlashPaq can be updated through the internet, ensuring the latest tunes for your vehicle. They are also available for Jeep is the Superchips VIVID. The expertise of Superchips and the functionality of the Android operating system is now in the palm of your hands! The Superchips VIVID Tuner is the first programmer to combine popular electronics with a world-class tuning device. Superchips VIVID Leads the industry standard for tuning Jeeps, SUVs and performance cars. Superchips VIVID give out improved torque, horsepower and fuel-efficiency.

Superchips Jeep relies on rear-wheel dyno testing to authenticate power gains. Competitors use “flywheel” dyno numbers, which are engine only results. Unlike Superchips Jeep' tests, these ignore the rest of the vehicle operating under real-world setups.

Superchips Jeep Tuners
Superchips TrailDash for Jeep
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