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Superchips Tuners - Lowest Price plus Free Shipping! - Superchips programmers give extra power and fuel economy from your vehicle at the click of a button. Never has it been so easy to use a Superchips tuner. The all-new Superchips VIVID Linq, Flashpaq, Cortex, SCR, and the Vigilante come with a collection of features that are above and beyond what other tuners provide.

Quality Superchips rely on rear-wheel dyno testing to authenticate power gains. Competitors use “flywheel” dyno numbers, which are engine only results. Unlike Superchips' tests, these ignore the rest of the vehicle operating under real-world setups.

Power that translates through the tires and to the ground are results that can be trusted. Superchips spends time fine-tuning automatic transmission shift characteristics. While these will not be shown as horsepower gains on paper, the Superchips difference can definitely be felt.

Superchips Articles and Reviews
Superchips TrailDash Adds More Power and Functionality to Your Jeep
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The Superchips TrailDash is a performance enhancement device specifically made for the Jeep Wrangler. The device is considered to be one of the best on the market as it is designed specifically for the Wrangler and is thus able to deliver more power and functionality. The TrailDash is easy to install and set-up and all this may take you just a few minutes depending on your experience.
Superchip Drivers Take Podium Finishes At Dirt Riot National Championships
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The 2014 edition of the Dirt Riot Mountain Series has been good for Four Corners 4x4 team. Before the race in Colorado Springs, the team had managed to get podium finishes in all the previous races that have happened so far this year. The team’s streak was not broken in Colorado as they managed a third place finish that led them straight to the podium.

Full-line with Niche Expertise
One size does not fit all. Superchips create tailored calibrations for each car-make as if all Superchips did was work on that one type of vehicle. Since Superchips work on more types, Superchips are able to apply benefits that Superchips find from experience on other vehicles.
For example, Superchips has a team working to engineer more power on Chevy trucks and a different team crafting the latest tune for JEEP. The Superchips team is passionate for tuning, and is intimate with the vehicles they work on.

More Power Every Day
Superchips aim to give power throughout the entire driving range. Competitors only expect gains full-throttle. This is a noticeable feature with Superchips – more power across the ENTIRE driving range that can be used at your command.

Superchips Care
Superchips does extensive testing to deliver maximum power without destroying transmission or engine parts. Superchips Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) which is important in turbo diesel applications. High Gas Temperature breaks engine parts which Superchips avoid.

More Flexibility
Superchips products grow with its customers. Superchips is compatible popular performance upgrade-parts including cold-air intakes, free-flowing exhaust systems and some aftermarket throttle bodies. Superchips have free updates over the internet to make sure you have the latest tune for your vehicle.

Superchips Cortex is from the long line of high quality Superchips tuners. Superchips Cortex installs easily into a car's diagnostic port. The Superchips Cortex is able to save performance speeds, times as well as save this data for future reference.
Superchips Cortex has the capability store car default settings, options for sterngth and towing, or fuel-economy . Superchips Cortex is capable of fine-tuning transmission options for improved handling; display and reset diagnostic codes; set speed and RPM limiters; and re-calibrate odometer/ speedometer for gear and tire swaps.

No need to mess under the hood, simply plug Superchips Flashpaq into the under-the-dash OBD-II port. Unlock gains in torque , fuel economy and horsepower. Superchips Flashpaq reprograms truck and SUV computers to optimize the air/fuel ratio, remap the transmission shift points and increase the top speed of the limiter.
Superchips FlashPaq optimizes air/fuel ratio, remaps transition shift points and enhances up the limiter's top speed. Superchips FlashPaq can be updated through the internet, ensuring the latest tunes for your vehicle. If a tuning update comes out for Superchips FlashPaq simply plug a unit into a PC with the USB cable provided and instantly upgrade tuners for free. Superchips FlashPaq.

Getting the maximum amount of energy from your vehicle is more than luck, it’s a science. Superchips has gathered some of the most reputable engineers and mechanics to research, develop, and manufacture quality products that will change how you drive. Gasoline is the driving force behind most vehicles and Super chips has developed products that are able to get the most out of every gallon of fuel in your tank. Super Chips will increase horsepower by fine tuning the elements that affect performance. For example, the Super Chips Mileage XS can increase the fuel economy in diesel trucks up to 20% and 10% for gas-powered vehicles. Super Chips has several features that will display and clear trouble codes while having capabilities to adjust the calibration based on tire size and gear ratio. Check out other great feature of Super Chips and see how it can change your driving experience. We have the largest selection of Super Chips at the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on select models.

The expertise of Superchips and the functionalty of the Android operating system is now in the palm of your hands! The Superchips VIVID Tuner is the first programmer to combine popular electronics with a world-class tuning device. Superchips VIVID Leads the industry standard for tuning Jeeps, SUVs and performance cars. Superchips VIVID Gives out improved torque, horsepower and fuel-efficiency. Superchips VIVID Settings for off-road, towing,high performance and fuel economy. Superchips VIVID Bluetooth dongle allows for wireless syncing with vehicles. Superchips VIVID Android OS ensures a simple and intuitive tuning experience.

How Tuning Works

Super Chips has qualities and features that most programmers and tuners do not have. Superchips Tuners are able to restore your car, truck, SUV, or Jeep’s information back to its original state (however we know that this feature is rarely, if ever used). Superchips Tuners are one of the easiest systems to install and will provide years of power and performance. Superchips team of engineers manufacture products that will adjust multiple factors including the air to fuel ratio, fuel injector flow rate and the spark timing. Superchips adjust shifting characteristics on automatic transmissions so drivers can gain maximum acceleration. Superchips will turn your vehicle into a high performance, power machine.
Over thirty years ago, drivers who wanted to gain performance upgrades had to rejet the carburetor, reworking the spark advance, and install a shift-improvement kit for their transmission. Now, with the help of technology, Superchips products are able to read and map out the best ways that your vehicle can get better gas mileage and performance.