SuperSprings now at the Lowest Price and with Free Shipping. Founded in 1996, Super Springs International, Inc. has developed a patented line of self-adjusting suspension stabilizers that solve many of the handling and suspension problems associated with loads carried by passenger vans, pickup trucks, minivans, and SUV's. The Company's products give users extra loading and towing capacity and prevent rear-end sag without hardening the ride on vehicles having leaf spring rear suspension systems.

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SuperSprings accessories for your truck
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SuperSprings has a number of accessories for those who want to improve the performance and functionality of their trucks. These accessories are designed to withstand the toughest road conditions whether you are in a passenger car, SUV, commercial van among others. The products in the company’s portfolio include the SumoSprings, Coil SumoSprings, SuperSprings Helper Springs, SuperCoils and SuperSway-Stops. All these products are made with high quality materials to improve longevity. Read More...
Going Sumo with SuperSprings
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SuperSprings’ springs are designed to act in parallel with existing stock springs and thus come into play when additional weight is added to the vehicle or extra extension levels are exerted on them. The result is a 29 percent improvement on the spring action thus massively extending your truck’s spring life.

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SuperSprings offers you the best product at the best price. 4 Wheel Online is the best place to find completely FREE GROUND shipping on everything when you place your order.

SuperSprings - Before

If you have Sag or Sway Then SuperSprings is the Solution. No bottoming out and with SuperSprings installed, your vehicle stays level!

SuperSprings - After

SuperSprings acts in parallel with the existing factory spring-pack and kicks in only when loaded or when experiencing heavy cornering. Our springs have been independently tested to give a 29% improvement in driver control by drastically reducing sag and sway while maintaining a nice, smooth ride. More Value and Performance with SuperSprings.

SuperSprings Anti-Sway Technology

Boost Load & Tow Capacity and Get Anti-Sway Technology for More Cornering Control for Pickups, SUVs, and Commercial & Passenger Vans.

SuperSprings Boost Tow Capacity

Boost Towing Capacity without Hardening Ride. Boating Enthusiasts, this is a Must Have. Anti-Sway for More Cornering Control. Reduced Wheel Hop for Smoother Ride. Maintenance Free. EASY TO FIT! No Suspension Knowledge Required! SuperSprings enhance load carrying capacity, handling and towing. Do not load any vehicle beyond the manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating.

SuperSprings Reduce Sag & Sway

Super Springs reduce rear end sag and sway due to heavy loading. Today's light trucks and Vans are designed for smooth ride and comfort when empty or lightly loaded. When fully loaded, the softer suspension in these vehicles tends to let the rear end sag, compromising safety and comfort. SuperSprings Solution: Progressive support as vehicle load increases. SuperSprings compensate automatically to increased loads and add the support needed to help keep the vehicle level. SuperSprings work with the existing springs to add load stability with greater control and safety. SuperSprings do not adversely affect or stiffen the ride when the vehicle is unloaded. SuperSprings enhance load carrying capacity, handling and towing.

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