Renthal Accessories

Make your bike roll to the line with a Renthal Fatbar and show you've got the confidence to win over your competitors.

Renthal Fatbar Pads is made from high density and lightweight foam with power-wash proof permanent graphics. Renthal Fatbar Pads are easy to install and remove. Every Rethal Fatbar Pads are durable enough to last.

Renthal Handlebar Pads
From $ 24.80
Renthal Spare Bolts
From $ 24.80
Renthal Stickers
From $ 15.89
  • Specially designed for use with Renthal Fatbar Handlebars.
  • Durable back-printed PVC cover provides long lasting good looks.
  • High-density, lightweight foam to reduce rider injury.
  • Provides easy removal and installation by it's velcro closure.
  • Power-Wash proof permanent graphics.

Renthal FatĀ® Bars in black and a red bar pad.Renthal is a known for being a world class in the field of product designs for motorcycle chainwheels, motocross handle bars, grips and other accessories. Renthal Products Including this accessories gives best quality result by using this products.