Street Bike Levers

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Brake levers come in many shapes and forms to match the diverse braking systems of various motorcycles today. A Street Bike Lever is one of the three main braking components of most bikes today. It is basically a mechanism responsible in transmitting or applying the brake signal.

Street Bike or Sport Bike Levers are typically placed on the handlebars which are within easy reach of the rider. They may be separated or incorporated into the shifting mechanism of a motorcycle. Levers transmit the force applied by the rider either through mechanical or hydraulic means. Today, a wide variety of brake levers for street or sport bikes are manufactured and produced to meet the growing demands of the market. Made to suit almost all brands of bikes, including Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha, Street Bike Levers can also be adjusted according to the rider’s specifications and requirements.

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