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Stampede Products was founded on the simple idea of designing and manufacturing the highest quality truck accessories from the best known materials, and delivering them to our customers in a timely manner.

With the latest cutting edge in designing and manufacturing technology run by the best people in the same business, large quantities of Stampede products are made efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising the high quality standards on which we have built our reputation…STAMPEDE attitude.

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Stampede Bed Rail Caps Rail Topz are made of tough, UV resistant ABS for extremely long life and contoured to fit pickup truck as if they were installed at the factory.

Stampede Trucks and Accessories produce Hood Protectors (also known as bug shields) to have a best line of defense for your vehicle, cutting off renegade rocks and debris, and shielding your vehicle from whatever the road can throw at it. Stampede Products has a better understanding of aerodynamics and know that taller isn't necessarily better; it's the shape that matters.

The new design of Stampede Snap-Inz Sidewind Window Vent Visors inserts securely and effortlessly into the window channel without taping to any painted surfaces. Stampede Snap-Inz Sidewind Winow Vent Visors boast a refined look that blends smoothly with body lines and gives a sleeker and more natural look than the originals, while still providing superior interior venting and shielding from wind and rain.

Nowadays, modern aerodynamic body styles' form fitting doors and windows no longer feature "rain gutters" to channel away water. The result is usually water dripping into the interior. Stampede SideWinds act like a "drip-edge" for your vehicle; this allows you to keep your window partially open for ventilation, without the rain getting in.

Stampede Products' Riderz series fender flares are made to exacting standards, to be sure that each kit has been engineered to fit like a glove. They are made of tough Tri-Blend plastic material for long life. The Tri-Blend material comes in black, but it can be painted if you want your fender flares to match your truck's paint.

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