STAMPEDE Hood Protectors

Stampede Hood Protectors

Stampede Trucks and Accessories produce Hood Protectors (also known as bug shields) to have a best line of defense for your vehicle, cutting off renegade rocks and debris, and shielding your vehicle from whatever the road can throw at it. Stampede Products has a better understanding of aerodynamics and know that taller isn't necessarily better; it's the shape that matters. Stampede Hood Protectors are designed to set off the look of the vehicle while still providing maximum protection. The Stampede Hood Protector is in shape even to the newest integrated hood designs; these body blending hood protectors are engineered to tailor fit to each vehicle's hood style.

Vigilante Premium Series Hood Protectors are designed and manufactured with an aerodynamic reverse flip for superior deflection providing full hood and front fender protection on some models. Stampede VP Series is available in Smoke, Clear and Chrome pattern.

Vigilante Low Profile Series Hood Protectors has a design that accents your vehicles body lines by giving a "Hood Hugging" appearance. The 100 series does away with the "flipped" top edge as in our other models to give it a lower profile. Stampede LP Series is available in Smoke and Clear pattern.