Smittybilt Winch

Smittybilt Winch Kit has everything you need to make a quick and safe recovery whenever you come to an impassible object in your path. Run your cable through the Smittybilt Snatch Block and you'll save time and effort, and the gloves will protect your manicure!

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Smittybilt Winches for Four Wheel Drive Vehicles
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Smittybilt winches are some of the most reliable ones on the market. They are made to perfection using high quality materials that guarantee performance and reliability. These winches come in many different sizes with different capacities to cater for all your needs. To help you choose the right winch for you, this article looks at the some of Smittybilt’s winches, their power and gear systems.
The XRC Series
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Smittybilt winches are the ideal and perfect companion for the off-roader enthusiast. These time-tested aftermarket accessories are high quality and can tow and pull weight up to an astounding 15,000 pounds. The XRC Series is quite popular and most preferred. A favorite to those who perform regular towing and pulling, the XRC series is tantamount to irrevocable support and long-lasting great service even in the harshest of terrains. The XRC series is suitable for heavy trucks and the lighter UTV’s, ATV’s and boat trailers.