Skyjacker Suspension Lift Kits Push the Limits

Skyjacker suspension lift kits are always pushing the limits. They are always reaching from the sky with each new bigger and bolder suspension kit. For over 40 years the company has been doing this and the result has been remarkable, a set of suspension kits that adequately fits into 12 of the most popular truck makes today.
90's Jeep with raised suspension and red in color

In the Jeep category, we have Skyjacker Jeep suspension lift kits for CJs, Wranglers, Cherokees, Liberty and Commander. These are better known as the Skyjacker Jeep Sports series suspension lifts. They are manufactured as leaf springs for Jeepsters who are looking to get a lift on their suspension under a tight budget.
Newer Jeep commander

Skyjacker Lifts for Cherokee

The leaves on Skyjacker’s Cherokee sport series lift kits are tapered for more flex thus giving a more sustainable lift. This is evident in the Skyjacker Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport Series Lift Kits which also have a Teflon tip insert at the end of each leaf to spread out the weight exerted on them evenly on the entire spring back.

Skyjacker Lifts for Commander

For Jeep Commanders, Skyjacker has manufactured a 2 inch coil spacer lift kit that is highly durable. It is built of long lasting polyurethane and fits into the coils with minimal difficulty to give a stable lift and better ground clearance. The set available for 2006 to 2010 Commander models and comes without shocks but includes strut mounts, washers and a stem cushion. So with this simple set of equipment instead of a complex time consuming suspension lift method such as adding leaves to the spring, coil spacers allow for a speedy and less technical lift installation process.
Ford f-350 lifted with Skyjacker

Skyjacker Lifts for Wrangler

The 1996 – 2006 Skyjacker Jeep Wrangler Spacer lift kit is a wider-application suspension kit since it works for more Wrangler editions. which comes with more equipment. It includes front and rear urethane coil spring spacers, shocks and bump stop extensions. It allows, at a maximum, 32 by 11.5 inch tires into the system and comes with shocks. You can either opt for a Wrangler spacer lift kit with the hydraulic twin tube or the gas charged twin tube shocks. The 2007 to 2014 Budget boost kit however is a more up to date set for the economical buyer and it features 4 coil spacers and bump stop spacers.

Skyjacker Lifts for Liberty

All Liberty lift kits from Skyjacker can manage up to 31 inches of tire diameter size. They consequently give a range of lifts that lies between 2 and 3 inches depending on the kit. The 2 – 2.5 inch Spacer Lift kit for Jeep Liberty KJ is composed of red polyurethane spacers that give a maximum lift of 2.5 inches. The kit has the extra advantage as it provides two Skyjacker shock options i.e. the Hydro 7000 or the Nitro 8000 to accompany the kit at a reduced price on the collective set. However if you are fine without the shocks then you can also opt out and buy the kit at a lesser price without shocks.

By: Sean Bowes
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