73-79 F-150 Pickup

Skyjacker 1973-1979 Ford F-150 Pickup Suspension Lifts
Skyjacker makes lift systems for 1973-1979 Ford F-150 Pickups in 2 Inch, 4 Inch, 6 Inch, and neck-craning 9 Inch Lift heights. The reasons for giving your 1973-1979 Ford F-150 Pickup a Skyjacker suspension lift are apparent. Do it the right way the first time with a famous Skyjacker 1973-1979 Ford F-150 Pickup Suspension Lift. Click HERE to find out which lift height is right for you.

Skyjacker offers Hydro and Nitro shocks as Shock Options for their Kits and Systems. Click HERE for more info.

Kit or System... What's the difference?
Kits are basic and include Blocks and/or Add-A-Leafs to gain lift.
Systems are more complete, replacing stock springs with Skyjackers Softride® Springs.