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Skyjacker Shocks will improve the drivability of any stock or lifted vehicle. Skyjacker Performance Shocks are a breakthrough in suspension technology with its true velocity sensitive valving that gives an ultimate ride experience by giving stable handling therefore producing better performance when off-road. These high quality but budget friendly shocks are available in Nitro, Hydro and M95. Prepare to notice the advantage a Skyjacker Shock gives; shop now. Read More...

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Skyjacker Shocks are high quality shocks designed for serious off roaders. The shocks come in many shapes and sizes designed to suit the different needs of different drivers. The company’s shocks are divided into four main categories that include the M95, Hydro Shocks, Nitro shocks and Steering Stabilizers. These shocks have been around for over 35 years and are popular thanks to their stylish and high quality nature. Read More...
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There are different types of SkyJacker shocks and hence different options to choose from. SkyJacker Nitro and Hydro Shocks are ideal for both mild and have excellent velocity and stability that enhance handling on both on and off road driving. For on and off road driving, you do not require heavier load shocks, which are meant for full-time four wheel vehicles. However, you have different options to choose from.

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Skyjacker M95 Performance Shocks

Skyjacker’s quickest reacting shock is out! The Skyjacker M95 Shocks are the best shock absorber for SUVs, Jeeps and even light trucks. Skyjacker M95’s Monotube Design is tested and stays under low temperature even in the toughest conditions. Skyjacker M95 Shock is powered by Nitro Gas and also features a 180º directional mounting.

Trekking uneven or smooth road is not a big deal with Skyjacker M95 Shocks. Skyjacker’s true velocity sensitive valving gives a steady, controlled level of resistance for the best maneuverability, comfort and improved strength. Get this ultimate off-road companion at the lowest price. Skyjacker M95 Shocks are available in pairs or complete set of 4.

Skyjacker Nitro and Hydro Shocks

Skyjacker Hydro Shocks are great for mild to moderate off road use, as well as city and highway driving. The Skyjacker Hydro shock is filled with hydraulic fluid. The Multi-Stage velocity sensitive valving provides for fast response times. Skyjacker shocks are manufactured with twin tube construction and a bonded iron piston. The piston rods are chromed with micro pores for durability. Skyjacker Shocks also feature Polyurethane bushings. All Skyjacker Shocks are offered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and as an extra include the Skyjacker red shock boot. The Skyjacker Nitro Shocks are made with the same quality parts, but are filled with 150 psi pressurized Nitrogen gas.

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