Skyjacker a Wide Variety of Shocks Options

Skyjacker makes the shocks you want and need
Skyjacker shocks are the best option to provide you with great shock absorbers and excellent velocity sensitive valving. The function of the spring dampers or shock absorbers is to control the rate at which the suspension spring rebound and compress.

When the shock is pushed together, it is referred to as compression or bump. The expansion of the shock is also known as extension or rebound. The spring present in the suspension, absorb the shock of bumps as well as suspension loading. The key function of the shock is to control the energy that is stored in the springs.
Skyjacker makes the shocks you want and need


There are different kinds of Skyjacker shock models that you can choose from. This depends on where you will take your vehicle. For on and off road driving, you do not require heavier load shocks, which are meant for full-time four wheel vehicles. If your vehicle is meant for street and off-road driving, you will therefore choose a SkyJacker shock absorber for the same. If your vehicle is specifically for full-time off-road, they you require shock absorbers that make use of heavier load and can as well perform in harsh terrain.


The performance of certain internal components of Skyjacker shocks only respond to both on and off-road conditions. They are velocity sensitive and hence provide you with an improved stability, as well as maximum comfort on smooth or rough terrain. The technology of these modern and durable shocks from Skyjacker ensures improved handling. This is because they ensure that the vehicle’s tires are in contact with the terrain.

The Skyjacker Steering Stabilizer

A steering stabilizer is a dampening shock for the vehicles steering system. It reduces the rates when driving through harsh highways and makes you as a driver to have full control of the vehicle.

Skyjacker makes the shocks you want and need
The stabilizer further assists you as a driver by minimizing the fatigue of a personal level. This is because the stabilizer reduces the amount of physical strength that is required to control large tires particularly on and off road. Despite the initiative of changing the weak stock unit by adding dual steering stabilizers being expensive, it is a worth investment.

Skyjacker’s New Big Gas Monotube Shock

Skyjacker’s new Big Gas Monotube Shock is another innovative product of Skyjacker to add to their suspension lift kits and wide range of shocks. This is the ideal shocker for Jeeps, SUVs and trucks. It is designed with a single tube design that enables operating temperatures to remain cool under extreme conditions. It is further built with floating piston technology and high-pressure nitrogen gas that enables fastest responding shock.

By: Jon Aragon
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