Roll-N-Lock Truck Bed Covers

Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Covers are as tough as they come to provide airtight security for truck bed valuables. From a compact canister, they expand and retract easily for full protection from theft and weather provided by interlocking aluminum slats. ...Read More

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Keeping your Roll N Lock tonneau covers clean is a very important thing to do if it is to perform as expected. These covers are exposed to changing external elements on the road. Taking care of the cover includes cleaning the cover, the housing and the drain tubes. This should be done every so often if you want the cover to be operational for a long time.
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Roll N Lock tonneau covers are secure, versatile and rugged retractable tonneau covers that are popular with many a truck driver. These tonneau cover pack a variety of features that make them trump other tonneau covers without trying. For example they give your cargo utmost security since they are built from aluminum. They still maintain the generally preferred look of a smooth tonneau cover since the aluminum material is vinyl laminated.
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Roll N Lock build tonneau covers that are designed for optimal usage. While other tonneau cover manufactures create a large variety designs which feature varying characteristics, Roll N Lock covers combine the best of all these features to create something that works for all. It is a retractable cover that only needs to be pulled out from a runner and locked onto the truck bed’s tailgate.
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The M-series truck bed covers by Rock N Lock present the most unique covers currently available in the market. These covers are considered to be the most innovative ones around and they have been made with some of the most durable materials around. Like all Rock N Lock products on the market, the M-series covers have a few unique features that have been discussed below.
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Roll-N-Lock Retractable Tonneau Covers

roll-n-lock tonneau coverRoll-N-Lock was the first hard rolling cover and was derived from hurricane shutters, so you know its tough. This retractable cover uses the finest materials and is easy to install, and with no bows and snaps to hassle you, you will be using the truck bed with a simple pull of the strap! Get the quality and durability that you deserve. Remember, if you are only going to buy one tonneau cover for the life of your truck, make it the best, make it a Roll-N-Lock!

    Key Features
  • Torsion Spring Equipped
  • Compact Housing And Flush Handle
  • Easy Access Lid
  • Drainage
  • Clamp-On Installation
  • Multiple Latching Positions
  • Built-In Tailgate Lock
  • Finger Insulator Grip
  • Key Slot Cover
  • Unique Construction

The most advanced retractable truck bed cover made has redefined the rules for truck bed security. It has a retractable function, permitting opening or closing in literally seconds and a rigid, vinyl-over-aluminum laminated construction, giving you everything other covers do not. You'll have no snaps to manipulate, no roll or bundle to lash down or stow, no cross bars to negotiate, no fabric shrinkage to struggle with, and – best of all – no worries about the security of your cargo. The Roll-N-Lock Bed Cover is by far the most sophisticated and versatile tonneau cover made.

Roll-N-Lock M-Series...exceeding sophistication and superior design, this is the tonneau cover that redefined the game. Made with interlocking aluminum slats covered by high quality vinyl, the M-Series is the most secure durable, well built tonneau that money can buy. The M-Series retracts or pulls into place with ease. Don't waste time with snaps or lose bed utility from bow support systems like other tonneaus. The M-Series is more compact than any other retracting tonneau. You get what you pay for and when you get the M-Series here, you get the best for less $$!

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