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Rocker Flares On Sale Now Plus Free Shipping! Rocker Flares protect your vehicle from rocks and other debris that your tires throw up onto your vehicle in everyday driving. RockerFlares™ are designed to protect all four rocker panels from rock chips and road debris without sacrificing valuable road and tire clearance, plus they add a sleek custom look to your vehicle. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451


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Rocker Flares More Information

Rocker Flares are often over looked by owners of trucks and SUV’s, which is unfortunate. A Rocker Flare or Rocker Panel is a great addition to almost any vehicle. We do not recommend them for those who travel off road, it just is not the correct functionality or look for a 4X4 enthusiast. But if you are a street driver they are great. Too often rocks, tar or just plain road trash can chip or tarnish a vehicle, Rocker Flares provide some significant protection. This is a simple addition to any Truck or SUV, they are easy to install, and they are priced right. You may even make an argument that for the benefits the offer, they are under priced. We are often asked if a Rocker Flare can be used with a Nerf Bar, the answer is yes, they can add to the look of your Nerf Bar, and even provide some protection to it as well. We have listed below some of the comments our customers have made and some of the best points the manufacturers have made. If you need any assistance, please give us a call.

  • Rocker Flares protect your truck from mud, snow, salt, rock chips and debris.
  • Rocker Flares will help protect the paint of your Truck or SUV, providing for a better look and a better resale value.
  • Rocker Flares offer a great look, while providing protection and fit all in one.
  • Rocker Flares are custom fit your truck or SUV right
  • Most Rocker Flares are made of tough 3/16” thick ABS plastic often with a textured surface
  • The CRE Rocker Flares can includes up to 6 trim pieces and 4 splash guards
  • Most Rocker Flares are Nerf bar with only a little modification.
  • Most Rocker Flare Installation kits includes hardware and detailed illustrated instructions
  • Your CRE Rocker Flares are covered by a 1-year warranty