Retrax Brands Itself through Corporate Social Responsibility

Retrax Company’s mission is to not only design and develop but also manufacture American’s number one retractable truck bed cover. The cover is durable because it is manufactured using quality materials. Furthermore, the Retrax Bed cover design is so unique because it is flat from front to back and hence enables water to flow freely with any form of obstruction for a drier truck bed. Over the years, the company has been involved in various corporate social responsibilities ranging from events, donations to scholarships.
retrax tonneaues are here to stay

The Holiday Magic

The Holiday Magic is an event from Markus that is held in memory of Markus Bryant. Markus Bryant was a UND football fan. During the event, children diagnosed with serious diseases/illness are given gifts. This year, Retrax Company presented various gifts to six children who formed part of the Holiday Magic. About 20 UND football players took part in the gift buying and wrapping. The former UND players also participated in the annual charity event. From the Markus Fund, Retrax Company raised about $1,250 to the Holiday Magic while the local company raised the remaining percentage.
retrax tonneaues are here to stay

Help Aid the Kids+ program

Retrax Company donated approximately $2000 towards assisting the Help Aid the Kids+ Program. On October 10, the company presented its donation to the Northlands Rescue Mission, Kids+ Program. While in the month of September, it ran a promotion that featured “Cover Grand Forks” as well as retractable truck bed cover. The management decided that 5% from the sales will be donated to the Kids+ Program.
retrax tonneaues are here to stay
According to Andy Nephew, Retrax Sales & Marketing Manager, “Our employees wanted to help impact the children of the Grand Forks area by ensuring they have the needed food for the weekends and holidays.” The aim of the Kids+ Program is to ensure that hungry kids receive the necessary nutrition they need during off class sessions or during weekends. This program has assisted in giving the company a positive corporate image.

Youth Scholarships

The employees of the Retrax Company raised more than $2000 towards youth scholarship. The Grand Forks and Recreation Foundation was the recipient of the donation. The selection of the recipient was carried out through voting. Among all the participants, Forks Parks and Recreation Foundation emerged the best because of its focus on the activities of the local children. According to the company’s human resource manager, Larissa Campell “Our employees wanted to raise dollars to go towards a Recreational program for kids, and the Grand Forks Parks and Recreation Foundation met our criteria to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to play this summer,”. The scholarship benefited about 115 kids.

By: Jon Aragon
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