RBP Suspension Lift Kits

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RBP Suspension Lift Kits

The RBP Lift Kit helps you stand head and shoulders above the rest of the trucks on the road. Lifting your truck body gives you better visibility, more maneuverability off-road . . . and a kick-ass look! RBP's specifically designed Suspension Body Lift Kits are built with components that can handle the pounding you want to give it.

These lift kits raise your truck by up to 8" and come with all the components you need to go sky-high while preserving your factory ride quality and handling.

The RBP Lift Kit raises your truck safely without sacrificing drivability. These kits come with RBP’s heavy-duty rear shocks for added dampening, as well as all the mounting hardware you need to install them quickly and easily. Plus, depending on your vehicle, your RBP Lift Kit includes a dual shock system or adjustable cams to provide increased stability and wheel alignment.

RBP Lift Kits are custom fit to your make, model, and year vehicle for a perfect fit and fine-tuned performance. RBP's proprietary steering knuckles are built with the finest American made ductile iron. You also get sway bar brackets, impact struts, blocks and U-Bolts. RBP offers systems from basic lift and suspenstion kits. to competitive performance kits that will take your rig to the next level!