Nexen Winguard WinSpike Tires

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  • V-Shape Tread Pattern - Enhanced snow traction performance through rigidity of the blocks.
  • Improves traction performance on snow and ide and minimizes stud noise by optimum allocation of 12 multi random stud lines.
  • Maimizes performance on ice and snow by edge effects and improves straight directional driving stability.
  • Maximizes handling and traction performance on ice and snow by edge effects of wave and step multi sipes, optimized arrangement of sipes and block rigidity.


Off-road excursions require performance tires that will offer improved drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance. This is where the new Nexen Tires Winguard Winspoke series comes in handy. Through their v-shaped tread pattern, Winguard Winspoke Nexen tires are able to deliver improved snow traction and stability. They also enjoy rigid blocks that make it easy for your truck to cruise through muddy and icy grounds. With optimum allocation of the twelve multi random stud lines, these tires will give excellent footing and instant braking on snowy and icy terrains, thus making every ride enjoyable and safe.