Pro Comp Wheels
152 Gloss Black

Build the Ultimate Off-Road Machine!

The Series 152 Xtreme Pro Comp Wheel Xtreme Street Lock, features a simulated bead lock for the rugged rock crawler look in a street legal wheel. These Pro Comp Wheels have a heavy duty, 360 degree welded, smooth outer ring that strengthens this wheel so it can withstand the harshest off road trails.

Bolt accents add to the styling, giving this wheel it's bead lock look. The center is similar to the series 51 Pro Comp wheel, with "D" shaped holes that result in a spoke like look that is more modern looking than some other wheels.

Series 152 Pro Comp Wheels come in basic plain black powder coat, no stripe. Pro Comp Series 152 wheels are Made in the USA, with only premium materials for a steel wheel that is a cut above the rest.

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15" Pro Comp Series 152
152 Gls Blk 15x10, 5x4.5 Offset: -44mm Center: 3.18” BKSP: 3.75”
Price: $215.24 Sale Price: $139.91
152 Gls Blk 15x8, 5x4.5 Offset: -19mm Center: 3.18” BKSP: 3.75”
Price: $200.51 Sale Price: $130.33
Series 152: 15x10, 5x5 OS: -44.45-Gloss Black
Price: $41.61 Sale Price: $27.05
Series 152: 15x8, 5x4.5 -Gloss Black
Manufacturer: Pro Comp Wheels
Wheel Style: Series 152
Finish: Gloss Black
Wheel Size: 15x8
Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5

Price: $41.61 Sale Price: $27.05

PRO COMP Series 152 Gloss Black Features:

  • Wheel Style: Rock Crawler Series 152
  • Design: Classic Spoke Design
  • Construction: Black Street Lock Wheels
  • Accents: Bead Locks
  • Finish: Gloss Black
  • Available Size: 15 Inches