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Pro Comp Tires - Ship Free. We offer a wide variety of Pro Comp Tires at the Lowest Prices on the web. These tires are specifically designed for both the street and off road enthusiast. Pro Comp Tires will provide a smooth and comfortable ride while providing better handling and control. Get the ultimate ride with ProComp Tires! Looking for wheels to go with your new tires? Give us a call for special pricing.

Pro Comp $50 rebate on Xtreme MT2 and A/T Sport Tires
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Most of the Pro Comp tires are either three-ply or two-ply. This makes Pro Comp tire to provide you with additional protection in challenging off-road terrain. The Pro Comp Xterrain tire also uses a high void directional tread thus give it an advanced performance. This tire is also widely known for running quiet on the highway compared to other all-terrain, off-road and mud-terrain style tires.
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Pro Comp tires are engineered to offer an excellent performance for the modern vehicles and can be used in any type of terrain. Pro Comp is widely known for producing the highest perfolmmimg UTV/ATV as well as light truck tires for several years. Their new models are nnot exceptional. The tread is optimized to ensure enhanced traction and excellent stability in different kinds of terrain.

ProComp Tires

are made in the USA and uses some of the most durable rubber compounds to ensure longevity and quality. The unique process of combining steel and polyester cords produces one of the highest performance tires on the market. The pattern design provides superior traction and will perform well in both snow and mud.

If you're looking for a great all around tire, then the Pro Comp Radial All Terrain tire is just what you need. This smooth and quiet tire offers off road traction that will surpass other tires on the market. Pro Comp Radial All Terrain Tires will not only enhance the look of your truck, but it will also increase performance and drivability. Enjoy the great outdoors with tires that will provide traction to various terrains. These tires also offer an elliptical pattern, interlocking shoulder lugs, and are covered by a 50,000 mile warranty.

The ProComp Radial Mud Terrain Tire is uniquely designed for quiet operation and superior performance in all weather and road conditions. Alternating open lug shoulder grip spurs aid tire traction and self-cleaning, and extra thick tire sidewalls provide increased traction and maximum protection from curbs and rocks.ProComp Radial Mud Terrain Tires feature a high void three lug shoulder design. This provides ProComp Radial Mud Terrain Tires with a significant advantage and a larger, more aggressive open grip spur, for increased tire traction and self-cleaning. Also the three staged lugs are pre-drilled to allowing driving on the snow and ice. Other tire companies do not offer this unique design.

ProComp Xtreme All Terrain Tires for 16, 17, 18, 20 inch rims. The NEW ProComp Xtreme All Terrain Tires give you aggressive styling, wet weather traction, incredible off-road capabilities and long life. Using the [NEXT] Generation Tire Technology lets Pro Comp Tires give you what youve been waiting for, a tire thats equally at home on the street and in the dirt. Pro Comp Xtreme A/T tires comes with a 40,000 Mile Tread Wear Warranty. ProComp Xtreme All Terrain Tires include 3-ply polyester construction, opposed angle steel belts, steel beads, a spiral nylon over wrap and a bead flipper. The aggressive tire tread design offers unstoppable traction in nearly any off-road application, from mud and snow to sand, dirt, and rock. Pro Comp Xtreme A/T tires come with 40,000 Mile Tread Wear Warranty.

ProComp Xtreme MUD Terrain Tires feature an Amor-Tek3 Carcass Construction. The heavy-duty Carcass is constructed of two radial polyester body plies and one angled polyester body ply to deliver three plies of protection for superior resistance to impact breaks and bruising. ProComp Xtreme MUD Terrain Tires also feature a deep buttress lug. The aggressive tread design of ProComp Xtreme MUD Terrain Tires extends far down the sidewall of the tire to enhance its soft surface traction while also providing additional "bite" in rock crawling application.

The all-new ProComp Xterrain Tires offers three ply sidewall construction and XTC rubber technology in the tread. Thanks to heavy-duty construction, ProComp Xterrain Tires are rated for towing and hauling, and new "tri-ply" construction provides three ply sidewalls along with two layers of opposed-angle steel belting and a full layer of nylon wrapping for maximum puncture resistance and total predictability when operating with low tire pressure off-road. ProComp Xterrain Tires have extra thick sidewalls which provide maximum protection and a unique tread design which offers dynamic grip on rocks or mud. The ProComp Xterrain Tires are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit virtually every application.

*Note: The federal government imposes an excise tax with a graduated tax rate structure on heavy tires. The early history of this tax shows that it mirrored war periods and was used both to conserve rubber supplies and as a funding source. Today, tire taxes are part of the monies used to fund the Highway Trust Fund. Our prices already include this tax, therefore what you see is what you pay. We NEVER have hidden charges.

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