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Pro Comp Wheels now 25% Off, - the Lowest Prices! Pro Comp Rims are the most recognizable wheels on the market. Their distinct patterns will turn any vehicle into a rugged, more aggressive look. ProComp Wheels come in a wide variety of finishes and expertly made to insure quality. Using the finest materials and equipment, Pro Comp Wheels are setting trends for the aftermarket industry. We offer the complete line of Pro Comp Rims at the Lowest Prices. Get a set of the most stylish wheels on the market with Pro Comp Wheels.

Pro Comp Wheels took the market by storm in the late nineties. Quickly gaining market share, Pro Comp Wheels knew they were on to something big. Bringing the most reputable people together allowed them to design products with optimum looks and functionality. Browse through our complete line of Pro Comp Wheels; we offer a huge selection of the rugged Rock Crawlers, and sleek Xtreme Alloys.

*Any set of 4 Wheels in this Section Includes Free Valve Stems and Lug Kit - A $100 Value!

*Excluding the Pro Comp Rock Crawler Wheels

Pro Comp Wheels Rock Crawler

*The Pro Comp Rock Crawler Wheels do not qualify for the free $100 Lug Kit

Pro Comp Articles and Reviews
Pro Comp Xtreme Alloy Wheels Feature Unique Beadlock Designs
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Most Xtreme Alloy wheels from ProComp are designed with beadlock designs around the lip. The distinction between how they have been cast onto the metal makes a clear difference as to how your wheels appear. The main notable distinction that emerges is a low profile look versus attention grabbing. Four factors make this distinction possible. Read More...
Today’s Most Popular Pro Comp Wheels
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Everyone requires a good set of wheels to stand out and for perfect performance on all kinds of terrain. Pro Comp wheels have brought some of the amazing and most popular wheels to the aftermarket automotive custom wheels sector. Pro Comp wheels are manufactured using aerospace alloys and designed with modern technology. Therefore, they remain the best wheels for you if you are looking for style, functionality, modernity and uniqueness.
Pro Comp Adds Rock Crawler Wheels
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For more than two decades, Pro Comp has been delivering unbeatable products for truck and SUV owners, but their wheels weren’t tailored made for the rock crawling crowd…until now! Recently, Pro Comp dove into the rock crawling scene by offering more than a dozen different styles of rock crawling wheels at Click Here to see extreme steel wheels.
Pro Comp Delivers Big at the King of the Hammers Race
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Pro Comp was put to the test at King of the Hammers. In the last 5 years, The King of the Hammers event has emerged as one of the toughest off-road competitions in the world. That's because this 100+ mile course runs through a number of conditions and obstacles that include: sandy dunes, dry lake beds, and jagged rock canyons. But this wasn't enough to deter Procomp. Check out this article on Pro Comp's successful run at one of the toughest off-road courses in the world.
Pro Comp - A Quick Look
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Pro Comp is leading the industry. When enthusiasts start shopping around for different truck parts and accessories it can be difficult to sort through the dozens of different companies and brands. In the off-roading world, there are only a handful of names that have stood the test of time. Since 1992, Pro Comp USA has been manufacturing high-quality off-road gear from tires and wheels to suspension and shocks. To learn more about Pro Comp, Click Here.



After equipping your vehicle with Pro Comp Rims, take a look at the other premium-quality products that Pro Comp has to offer. Pro Comp's All Terrain advanced tread technology encompasses elliptical full depth siping patterns throughout the tread and interlocking shoulder lugs which provide extra biting edges for excellent all weather traction. The Pro Comp Series Shock absorber is designed to replace the factory shock and provides optimum performance enhancing driving comfort and vehicle control. With its twin tube design and 10 stage velocity sensitive valving, they deliver not only a smooth, comfortable highway ride, but also enhance off road handling and performance.