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On Sale Now Plus Free Shipping! Privat wheels are built with the latest technology. The wheels focus on the latest styles and trends offering the most innovative driving solution. The wheels are engineered with precision for quality appearance and performance. Privat wheels are built with A365 Aluminum and are treated with heat to ensure durability and maximum power. The company manufactures two series of wheels; the Klassik series and one piece series. Privat wheels are the best choice if you want to upgrade your car’s wheels. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Have you ever walked down the street and seen a set of rims on someone’s car that made his car cooler than everyone driving the same model? Sometimes the difference boils down to the spokes on his rims. Privat Wheels has the most eclectic set of rims with spoke patterns that will turn heads immediately. These wheels are made by Konig Wheels.
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Privat Wheels brings you the most innovate and stylish wheels in the industry. All Privat wheels are manufactured using A356 aluminum and are further heated to attain maximum durability and strength. These wheels are further designed with the latest technology combined with aggressive fitments thus recommended for any vehicle demanding perfection. Furthermore, Privat wheels are lighter compared to standard steel wheels hence improved handling and performance on all kinds of terrain.
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It seems like every year there are more and more wheel companies popping up out of nowhere. For most enthusiasts, it’s hard to invest in a company that has been around for only a few months. Luckily for Privat Wheels, a newer company, they have the backing of König, one of the top wheel brands in the world. Click Here to find out more about König’s latest venure.

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With their passion to constantly enhance the racing industry, Privat Rims refuses to sit on the sidelines and watch competitors compete without having a say. They are continuously involved in the creating wheels that will not only satisfy customer’s wants and desire for performance but also appearance. Check out the most demanding wheels on the market with Privat Wheels.

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