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Primax Wheels are now 25% Off and Ship Free. Primax Rims are high-quality rims with an incredible value. They manufacture aluminum alloy wheels that are great upgrades for enhancing the style of any vehicle. Primax Wheels are recommended for simple, sporty-styling and perfect for mid-sized vehicles.

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When you’re putting down a lot of miles on your ride, you want to be sure that your wheels were built to take the abuse. At Primax Wheels, engineers have designed aftermarket rims for enthusiasts who demand high-quality products. Click Here to see which popular Primax Wheels meet the standard for Japanese and American roadways.

Primax Rims

Primax Rims have distinct design for their aluminum alloy rims. Their products went through quality assurance and licensed by the international standard on accreditation for ISO 9002 and QS 9000. They also passed the Japanese VIA Standard on quality testing. Primax Wheels manufactured their products using excellent materials and have undergone precise-testing to create quality wheels that are distributed not just only in Japan and United States, but all throughout the world.

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