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Motorcycle Wheels are 25% Off & Shipping Free. A big part of the riding experience and overall look of a motorcycle greatly depends on its Motorcycle Wheels. We have gathered a full line of the best, high quality rated but affordable motorcycle wheels only from the most trusted manufacturers in the motorcycle business today. We offer the best prices on Motorcycle Wheels to make our customer's online shopping experience worth it.

A Motorcycle Wheel is a significant factor that affect the handling aspect of a motorcycle. Always keep the wheels in good riding condition to prevent accidents caused by wheel problems. Stay away from unwanted troubles by installing a new pair of top notch Motorcycle Rims.

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Motorcycle Wheel Information

Motorcycle Wheels are made from high-grade materials like steel and aluminum. We have a variety of wheels with different extensive styles and construction materials to choose from: Cast Aluminum, Forged Magnesium, Billet Aluminum, Forged Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and others. With the correct pair of Motorcycle Rims, it will definitely bring a revolutionized and improved style and performance to the motorcycle.

A Motorcycle Wheel differs with the material used by the manufacturer. Cast Aluminum Wheels are made from cast aluminum which makes it much heavier than the majority of motorcycle rims. Forged Magnesium Wheels are very strong and undergoes similar manufacturing procedures as forged aluminum wheels, except that there’s roughly about 35% weight reduction. Billet Aluminum wheels are expensive as it works as base for outlandish designs, patterns and logos. Forged Aluminum Wheels are the most common wheels being used in the market. Most forged aluminum wheels are categorized as middleweight. Carbon Fiber wheels, on the other hand, are the lightest wheels. Carbon fiber is known to be extremely heavy-duty but is, at the same time, the most difficult to produce--making them the most expensive among the rest.

Carefully choose the rights wheels to go with the motorcycle and consider some factors including the wheel's height. Having a lighter wheel will make the bike easier to tap through desired chicane, speed up faster and stop quicker. Off-road riders should get wheels with a wider rim. This is a better choice but it will add to the weight of the motorcycle as it is heavier than other types of wheels.

A Motorcycle Wheel that is manufactured should pass a strict standard series of tests. The process of testing includes the motorcycle rim being placed on several grueling scenarios, side load test, impact test and radial load test.

We only carry the top brands of Motorcycle Wheels which are trusted when it comes to complying with the industry’s standards.