Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle Batteries are 25% Off & Ship Free. Longevity matters when choosing the best motorcycle battery. Powering the starter motor, the lights, and the ignition system of a motorcycle is the main purpose of motorcycle batteries. In short the battery is the primary “source” of electrical energy on motorcycles.

The primary functions of a Motorcycle Battery functions are as follows:

  1. Lights & Accessories: Battery energy is used to operate the lighting and accessory systems.
  2. Engine Starting: Battery energy is used to operate the starter motor and to provide current for the ignition system during cranking.
  3. Engine Running: Battery energy may be needed when the motorcycle’s electrical load requirements exceed the supply from the charging system.



Motorcycle Batteries are made of of six cells containing positive and negative plates. Each of the cells is usually a little over two volts each, providing the 12 volts necessary to power your motorcycle. The lead cells are submersed in sulfuric acids to generate electricity through chemical reaction. In addition, motorcycle batteries also serves as a voltage stabilizer, or a large filter, by absorbing unusual transient voltages in the motorcycle's electrical system. Without this protection, certain electrical or electronic components could be damaged by these high voltages.

Motorcycle Batteries should last-on average-two to three years. However, gel batteries will last you five years or longer. Gel batteries have a silica fume compound mixed within the sulfuric acid to reduce spillage, corrosion, and electrolyte evaporation. Consider replacing your motorcycle's battery, especially before the winter months, if you don't remember the last time the battery was replaced.

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