Moroso Tires


Why waste valuable horsepower "pushing" a street tire down the track? Engineered specifically for racing, Moroso Drag Race Front Tires are ultra-light to reduce unsprung weight and rolling resistance. Moroso's original Drag Special Front Tire features a unique tread design for greater high speed stability without requiring higher inflation pressures.

Moroso Information

The new DS-2™ model uses an innovative, aircraft-inspired tread that provides low rolling resistance on acceleration, and a broader footprint during braking. Either will get you off the line and down the track faster than any other brand! And each tire is 100% inspected for defects -- even the slightest blemish causes the tire to be rejected. Moroso makes thousands of performance parts ranging from oil pans, air filters, tires, suspension, and more. Moroso's Performance Products are located in Connecticut and it's Wire Technologies division, where they manufacture ignition wiring, is located in Philadelphia, PA

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