Mile Marker Shaft Kits

Mile Marker Shaft Kits

The Mile Marker Shaft Kits allow a full time 4WD into a variety of conversions. It replaces not only the rear output shaft but also the whole differential assembly. These kits can be trusted to reduce wear and tear on the drive train as well as saving at the gas pump. The Mile Marker Shaft Kits have been carefully designed to provide years of trouble free service.

Our online shop carries a complete line of shaft kits for truck owners. The Mile Marker Shaft Kit is a long term investment; backed by Mile Marker's Warranty and is available at the lowest price. Shop now!

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Mile Maker Shaft Kits
Mopar without hubs 75-32203
30t Ford no hubs 95-94203
Gm-Ford without hubs 95-92203
Gm-Ford 1/2 ton hubs 95-22203
3/4 ton gm-ford '73-'77 w/hubs 95-24203
1 ton gm-ford with hubs 95-26203