Mickey Thompson Baja Claw
Truck Tires

Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Truck Tires Ship Free. Baja Claw Tires combine the Mickey Thompson mission for manufacturing the perfect truck tires with their line of high-grade off road tires. Known for dependability, longevity, quality, and strength, Mickey Thompson is sure to fit-the-bill for the descerning off-roader. A superb collection of common and specialized truck tire sizes, elevated load ratings, deeper more aggressive treads, and wider footprints are just a sampling of the qualities that make Mickey Thompson off-road truck tires better than the competition.

Baja Claw

All Baja Claw Tires now Ship Free. There are several Styles of the Baja Claw Tire. Aggressive tread patterns are seen in the Baja Claw TTC Radial and TTC Bias Tires, The hallmark Baja ATZ Radial is one of the most popular. Growing in Popularity is the Baja MTZ Radial and Baja MTZ Radial SLT. Lastly there is the Baja STZ all terrain tire, good on and off road.

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