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Mickey Thompson Tires Company has been a leader in tire production since 1963. Since its inception, the company has led the tire industry in innovating unique tires ranging from aggressive and rugged tread-off tires to wide low profile tires for street applications. It manufactures quality and high performance 4x4 tires and wheels for offroad, street, strip and track use. Mickey Thompson tires feature unique material compounds and tread patterns thus making them amongst the most prefered tire products globally. With Mickey Thompson tires, you can enjoy smoothness, durability and quality.

Mickey Thompson Tires Articles and Reviews
Mickey Thompson Tires Expands Its ET Drag Line with Two New Tires
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Mickey Thompson tires have been around since 1963 and are available for a wide range of vehicles from the normal street passenger cars to off road trucks. The company has the strip tires that are designed for the drag racers out there. This line up was recently updated with two new sizes for the ET Drag line and the ET Drag Pro Drag Radial tires.
The Inspiration behind Mickey Thompson’s Performance Tires
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Mickey Thompson is known as the greatest legend of off road racing. With a vast number of championship titles under his name, he definitely has a good idea of what kind of tires are best fit to win an off road race. The journey to building a vast knowledge of designing good racing equipment began when he was young.
Mickey Thompson Excels
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- Mickey Thompson is one of today’s most enduring and respected aftermarket tire and wheel companies. So, it should be no surprise that they played such a pivotal role in the Carlisle Truck Nationals, as well as the Top Truck Challenge. To check out more about Mickey Thompson’s performance in these events, click here and c heck out the full article.
Mickey Thompson Crew Takes Over Lucas Oil Off Road Series
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Over the years, racer Brian Deegan has elevated to the top of the racing world. During this time, Deegan has also exercised his dominance at the Lucas Oil Off-road Racing Series. 2014 was no different. During the multi-day even, Deegan and the rest of the Mickey Thompson team cruised to multiple victories. With the victories, each driver gave credit to the famous off-road Mickey Thompson tires for helping them come out on top. Check out the full scoop here
Mickey Thompson Racing Slicks What You Need To Know
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Mickey Thompson Racing Slicks are DOT approved and the fastest on the market. If you’re thinking of hitting the drag strip, it’s important to consider what’s around your wheels. You wouldn’t run a 5K in steel-toe boots, so why would you hit the track without some Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels? With the number of records set by the company’s founder, rest assured that spinning these tires on the track will not hurt your time. Click Here to see what you need to know about race slicks.
Mickey Thompson: A History of Firsts
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Mickey Thompson has a long history of Firsts. In the 1960s and 70s, Mickey Thompson was in his racing prime. Whether he was gearing up to race Indy cars or headed off to the salt flats to break world-speed records, Mickey Thompson loved to come in first. His company, which carries his namesake, operates on the same level of intensity. Click Here how Mickey Thompson’s innovations have changed racing.
The Godfather of Off-Road Racing: Mickey Thompson
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Mickey Thompson is the godfather of off-road racing. Without Mickey Thompson no one would have heard of the Baja 1000 race, stadium truck racing (and Supercross) wouldn’t have been invented, nor would organized off-road/desert racing, or modern off-road tires with sidewall treads. Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels continues to make the best off-road and hybrid dirt/everyday tires available.
Mickey Thompson 50 Years of Innovations
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Mickey Thompson has 50 Years of Innovations. The recipient of a long list of industry ‘firsts’; creator of ‘world’s fastest’ DOT approved tires for cars, motorcycles and drag racers; setter of land speed records; winner of countless races on dirt, sand and dragstrips; Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels has competition at its heart and pumping through its veins. Learn more about its many triumphs on and off track.
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