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Let's not forget to talk about the more noticeable feature of Mickey Thompson Wheels, their aesthetical appeal. Mickey Thompson wheels are designed to complement any vehicle; elegant, detailed and unique are the basic design principles behind all Mickey Thompson wheels.

Mickey Thompson Wheels Articles and Reviews
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Mickey Thompson, one of the biggest names in tires, is continuing to spin out exciting products for hot rodders. Recently, the legendary tire brand has shifted its gears from tires (don’t worry, they still have em’) and focus a bit more on wheels. This year Mickey Thompson rolled out a fresh line of rims for off-roaders and hot rodders. Click Here to find out what Mickey Thompson has in store for this season.
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Mario Andretti, Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt – each is an iconic name in American racing, but there’s one All-American hero who towers above them all, Mickey Thompson. Here are just a few of the reasons Thompson is so iconic: First American to break the 400mph barrier, inventor of the slingshot dragster, inventor of low profile Indy 500 tires, inventor of SideBiter off-road tires, multiple Baja, dragster and off-road winner. Learn more about this astonishing man and his achievements.

Mickey Thompson Rims

Mickey Thompson Rims have earned a prestigious reputation of high quality and amazing style. Through the years Mickey Thompson wheels have made their way to dealers around the world; because of this, Mickey Thompson wheels are a recognized brand anywhere you go and are often the topic of conversation. With extreme competition from other players in the industry, few can stand up to the quality and brutal strength of Mickey Thompson Wheels.

While we have talked about the great looks and the level of quality of Mickey Thompson wheels we barely talked about their strength and the importance of them. When you have a heavy truck or drag racer, the amount of stress put upon your wheels is enormous to say the least; Mickey Thompson wheels have been specifically engineered to handle all the physical torques and pressures exerted from the axel to the wheels. The quality build of Mickey Thompson wheels is unrivaled by any other manufacturer in the industry. Be sure to check out tires that would complement your new set of Mickey Thompson Wheels.

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