Maxxis Marauder
MA-S1 Truck Tires

Ready for any challenge, Maxxis tires can handle even the most punishing off-road conditions with strength and durability without compromising your comfort.

Design plus performance? The Marauder combines an slick and attractive sidewall design with a random tread pattern which offers the driver superior versatility?

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Part Number Size Service Description Side Wall Overall Diameter (inches) Section Width (inches) Max Psi Max Load (lbs) Rim Width (inches) Thread Depth (inches)
TP43117200 255/55R18 109V BSW 29.1 10.30 50 2,271 8.0 11/32
TP43117200 295/45R20 114V BSW 20 10.30 50 N/A 8.0 11/32
TP43117200 295/45R20 114V BSW 30.4 11.70 50 2,601 10.0 11/32
TP45302000 265/50R20 112V BSW 30.4 10.90 50 2,469 8.50 11/32
TP45311000 P275/45R20 110V BSW 29.1 10.30 50 2,271 8.0 11/32
TP45316000 275/55R20 117 BSW 32.0 11.10 50 2,833 8.50 11/32
TP45320200 285/50R20 112V BSW 31.2 11.60 44 2,469 9.00 12/32
TP45405000 305/40R22 114V BSW 31.6 12.20 50 2,601 11.00 10/32
TP45415000 305/45R22 118V BSW 32.8 11.90 50 2,910 10.00 12/32

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