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High quality tires with improved compounds and cheaper than the other brands of tires. Maxxis tires heat cycle very well, allowing good performance down to the cords. From racing cars to trailers, Maxxis tires give you the edge you need. Maxxis tires are availble for Motorcycles and ATV's. Maxxis is committed to offering the best tires products on the market, and their tires are tested in their own facilities and at the world's leading tire centers. Read More...

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Johnny and C.J. Greaves, have been having a good year and they went to Bark River International Raceway with high hopes. The race at Bark River was exciting and they managed to come out shinning. Having completed in the same venue a week before this race, these racers were confident and this helped them with their wins. Winning at Bark River puts them at a good place in the series standings with only 4 races remaining.


Maxxis Tires strives to provide the highest quality products and customer service with the goal of creating lifelong Maxxis customers. Anchored by a strong commitment to Maxxis' values, Maxxis tires form close partnerships with Maxxis Tires' stakeholders, and together Maxxis Tires work to consistently exceed for customer's expectations.


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