Maxxim Wheels

Maxxim Wheels

Maxxim Wheels are 40% Off Plus Free Shipping! Maximize the style of your ride! Maxxim Rims are made to improve the looks of any vehicle. It has a superb collection of custom wheels created to surpass the benchmarks of the most demanding drivers while giving an undeniably sleek and fashionable style.

Maxxim Wheels carry the function, form and durability of Konig. The main brand, Konig, gained 25 years of experience in the industry of wheel manufacturing. Their wheels are built with state of the art facilities and are constructed using hard-wearing and excellent materials to ensure the toughness and quality.

Available in different designs, and finishes including black and chrome, and different sizes, these custom alloy rims are the best upgrades that add flair and awesome looks to any vehicle. Don't just settle for any rim. Get Maxximum Style with Maxxim Wheels. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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When Konig started its Maxxim line of wheels 25 years ago, it wanted to present a wheels that both looks good and performs well. Maxxim wheels have so far achieved that. This is why they are a preferred choice for both race car drivers and family SUV drivers. The wheels are made to fit into a wide variety of car brands including Mercedes, Mercerati, Acura, Dodges, Hummers and Jeeps.
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Konig is the home of the most celebrated passenger, light weight, racing and old school wheel brands in the auto-market. These include Konig wheels, Privat wheels and Maxxim. The Maxxim brand is known to serve all type of vehicle applications including sporting, street and highway environments. Given the distinct design profiles on each Maxxim wheel series, you can expect to own an unmatched identity on the road regardless of your car make.
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When the snow melts and it’s time to put the top down, you need a set of wheels that can enhance the looks of your ride. Now, Maxxim Wheels has released brand new rims for car enthusiasts to drool over. Made from the highest quality alloy and aluminum, Maxxim Wheels are becoming the obvious choice of wheels for tuners and luxury car owners who are searching for a custom look. CLICK HERE to see the latest from Maxxim Wheels.

Maxxim Wheels - More Information

Maxxim Rims are available in a wide array of stylish and cool rims that are perfect for any vehicle. The designs and finishes on their products add flair to the exterior. These are great for enhancing the appearance of your ride.

Maxxim Wheels are proudly created by Konig Wheels. They have been in the industry for 25 years and their experience in wheel manufacturing has brought them recognition from their customers. They don’t just follow fads but set the trends as one of the most prominent wheel makers in the business.

The rims made by Maxxim Wheelslet you have noticeable style for your vehicle. The custom alloy wheels are engineered to perform and built to withstand.

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