Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust Systems

Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System: Dyno Proven Result

Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust

  • Fast-flow, mandrel-bent tubing provides significant horsepower and torque gains.
  • Long-life - corrosion-resistant stainless steel tubing.
  • Great looks - all kits include mirror-finish, polished stainless steel muffler and tip(s).
  • MagnaFlow straight-through mufflers provide smooth, deep tone outside the vehicle that won't annoy the driver or interior passengers.
  • Easy-to-install - includes factory-style hangers and installation hardware.
  • Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • Magnaflow CatBack Single and dual exit available

Magnaflow CatBack Exhaust

Magnaflow CatBack, Now 20% Off. Magnaflow is deeply committed to providing a high level of quality at an affordable price. That's why all of Magnaflow CatBack exhausts are fit-checked and dyno tested before they ship to verify performance. But, unlike its competitors, Magnaflow isn't satisfied with just performance gains. Magnaflow also pays strict attention to finish and sound. In fact, Sport Truck™ Magazine called Magnaflow's polished stainless steel tips and mufflers "the best [finish] on the market" (April 03). All other performance exhaust systems will turn tail when they hear the aggressive roar of a Magnaflow. Equipped with a MagnaFlow muffler boasting a one-piece perforated stainless steel core. No louvers, no baffles, no sharp turns, just a straight path to increased horsepower and torque.

Improving exhaust flow out of any motor will improve breathing efficiency and deliver increased power. High Performance catback exhaust systems deliver upon this promise and create a deep, aggressive tone in the process.

Whether you drive a street, off-road or diesel truck/SUV, MagnaFlow has dyno-proven cat back exhaust systems that are rugged enough to survive grueling Baja racing. Each system is designed to bolt right on and provide years of trouble-free performance. Provides a smooth, deep tone that is suitable for grocery-getting SUV's with casual tow duties to full blown modded drag racing diesel pickups.