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MSR Wheels

MSR Wheels - Now 25% Off Free Shipping. MSR Rims offers an extensive selection of high-performance alloy wheels and interesting designs certainly make MSR Rims one of the most sought-after custom wheels and rims in the market today.

MSR Wheels, part of the trusted and globally-established American Eagle wheel business company, are definitely a common sight among touring race car drivers, car enthusiasts and even celebrities’ rides.

MSR Wheel are alloys are available in high shine black, silver, bronze or chrome with a variety of custom styled spokes. MSR Rims has sizes and fitments are perfectly engineered to fit small sedans, coupes, and tuner cars.

MSR Wheels Articles and Reviews
Get Your Superfinished Look On With MSR Wheels
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MSR Wheels is a proudly American wheel brand from American Eagle Wheels that carries the same quality standards as all American Eagle wheels such as a Boss and Eagle Alloy. The wheels are made with a variety of spoke designs including split spoke, twin spoke and regular spoke structure. Most MSR Wheels have a 5 spoke pattern and a positive offset which is a preferred feature for many sport and passenger cars.
How to Add Style on Your Car Using MSR Wheels
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MSR wheels are designed for those who want that racy look on their street cars. These wheels come in many different sizes and styles and thus make the process of choosing the perfect one complicated. The process can be extremely complicated especially for drivers with no experience upgrading their rides. This articles looks at three factors to keep in mind when choosing MSR wheels for those who want the perfect style on their rides.

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More About MSR Wheels

If you came to 4 Wheel Online looking to add style and panache to your auto with a set of head-turning rims, you've definitely come to the right place. We carefully select from the cream of the crop of wheel manufacturers, insisting on only the best looks, highest quality and lowest prices. MSR Wheels is certainly no exception.
MSR Rims is America's leading manufacturer of aluminum after-market automobile and truck wheels. They are the oldest privately held and family owned corporation in the industry. MSR Wheels maintains and operates their own distribution network of wholesale locations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.
MSR Wheel operates two manufacturing facilities in the U.S., one in California and the second in South Carolina. They utilize the most advanced technologies in the industry including: ProE, ProMechanica and Magma engineering software within our R&D teams; "counter- pressure-casting" technologies, which were pioneered by AEWC and research facilities in Europe; exclusive use of precision CNC machine tools and state-of-the-art coatings facilities to create the finest finishes available.
MSR Wheels MSR Wheels is committed to exceeding customer expectations by manufacturing the highest quality products at competitive costs. Through state-of-the-art technology and a responsibility to environmental concerns, MSR Wheels strives to be a benefit to their employees, an asset to the community, and a positive experience for all who have contact with the company.”
Available in a Silver finish are MSR Wheels 169, MSR Wheels 193 and MSR Wheels 046. MSR Wheels 042 comes in Super Finish Black and Chrome. MSR Wheels 043 have an assortment of super finish flavors, coming in silver, grey and black. MSR Wheels 045 comes in Black w/ red stripe, Gray, Hyper Black and Black. MSR Wheels 046 shine in their Chrome and Polished finish. MSR Wheels 048 on the other hand turns heads with its dark Super Finish Black, Black and Silver finish. MSR Wheels 049 comes in Super Finish Black and Grey. Likewise, MSR Wheels 065 is available in Super Finish Black, Super Finish Silver and Grey. MSR Wheels 068 has three choices in Silver Gray and Black w/ red stripe. MSR Wheels 080 is sleek with its Machined and gray finish. MSR Wheels 085 has Super Finish Black, Super Finish Silver and Chrome. MSR Wheels 086 have darker shades in Super Finish Black and Black w/ red stripe. MSR Wheels 087 carries the whole gamut in Super Finish Black, Chrome and Black. MSR Wheels 412 carries the unique Super Finish Canyon Black Center and Chrome. MSR Wheels 414 comes in either Black or Chrome. Finally, MSR Wheels 415 rounds out the collection with Black, Chrome and Flat Black Finish.