MBRP Universal Exhaust Y-Pipes

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MBRP Universal Exhaust Y-Pipes

There are always those purists who push the envelope in their pursuit of maximum performance. It is for these true enthusiasts that MBRP build what is one of the most extensive line-ups of muffler deletes in the industry. Extreme performance and extreme sound can be yours.

By replacing the restrictive factory exhaust system from MBRP Exhaust Mufflers here, this brought efficiency desired in every diesel truck. Each MBRP muffler are finished with more capability, efficient and maximum exhaust system performance that a rider needs for a ride.


  • XP Series - T409 Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Rich, Mellow Exhaust Note
  • Solid Weld Contruction
3'' Y-Pipe Ford
Y Pipe w/ Catalytic Converters (T409 Stainless Steel); 2011-14 F150 EcoBoost
  - 290-MBRP-FGS9010
Price: $1,319.99
Sale Price: $1,042.09