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MBRP Exhaust - Name Your Price and Free Shipping! Save Today - Use NAME YOUR PRICE and Save up to 15%. Performance can mean different things to different people. For the owner of a construction firm it's a pick-up truck's ability to haul people, gear and equipment to where it needs to be. For a recreational enthusiast it's being able to pull a trailer or boat long distances with minimal fuel consumption. For the muscle car owner it's classic style, rich throbbing sound and blast off the mark power. MBRP has exactly the right system or product to make your definition of performance a reality, whatever that may be.

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When buying an exhaust, it is important to pay attention to certain components. Exhaust pipes, tubings, headers are some of the things you should consider. Besides these, accessorizing your exhaust is also another way of enhancing its performance. Think about band clamps, adapters, exhaust stacks and what many other products would do to your exhaust system. Read More...
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MBPR exhausts are made for all vehicles. They have exhausts for trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, ATVs and even Snowmobiles. Their working mission is make performance exhausts that fit into everyone’s idea of good performance. This means that they are built to be able to handle large load capacities, to create a certain level of fuel efficiency or produce a magnificent start up.
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Read about MBRP’s Wild Run at the Petit Le Mans Race at Road Atlanta. In today’s aftermarket auto world, manufacturers have been throwing their hat inside of the racing ring to prove their product’s superiority. During this past year, MBRP rose through the ranks by helping to establish one of the most dominating racing teams of the season. Check out more here.
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MBRP Black Exhaust Systems are Back in Black. Black is definitely back! We’ve come a long way since Henry Ford declared; “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”, but it seems that people still love the look of a black auto. With every other component of cars and trucks going matte black, performance exhaust specialist MBRP developed the first black exhaust system. Offering the usual MBRP performance gains the Black System looks insanely good. Read more…

MBRP Pro Series

PRO Series: For the serious performance enthusiast who demands the best of the best. For each vehicle, there is no better stainless steel than T304 and no better exhaust than the MBRP PRO Series exhaust. With the highest chromuim and nickel content of any exhaust, this is simply the best system money can buy. The Pro Series comes with mirror polished, dual wall T304 stainless steel tip(s) (Free Tips NOT Included with 5" Kits)

MBRP XP Series

XP Series: Rugged and dependable the XP Series is made of T409 stainless steel. It's designed and built to stand up to harshest road conditions. MBRP is so sure that the XP Series has what it takes that anyone have given it an amazing Lifetime Warranty. That is absolutely the best warranty for a T409 system in the industry. Free Exhaust Tip(s) NOT Included with 5" Kits.

MBRP Performance Series

Performance Series: Designed to provide maximum performance and maximum value the Performance Series features 100% aluminized steel at a no nonsense price. There systems are designed to provide the MBRP exhaust performance and sound we've grown up to love to those who are operating on a tight budget. Featuring a two piece tail pipe and bolt on hangers these systems fit and perform just like MBRP's more expensive series at a price point that cannot be beaten.

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Most recently MBRP. has achieved something special for the sports truck enthusiast. The new sport line brings to the gasoline-powered vehicle the same perfect blend of style and toughness that diesel light truck owners have come to expect. The line features a unique flow through muffler originally developed to increase the performance of thousand horsepower off shore marine engines. The result is a muffler that generates a deeper, mellow sound, improved performance numbers and cooler operating temperatures.

The central reason behind the MBRP Exhaust remarkable growth has been its absolute dedication, not just to excellence in its products, but also to standing behind its distributors and dealers and the loyalty that they have given back in return.. This commitment has been demonstrated in many ways. A diesel line with the lowest SKU per vehicles supported ratio means that warehouse distributors require lower standing inventory and enjoy faster product turnover. Offering all of its diesel and sport truck systems in aluminized, T-409 stainless and T-304 stainless ensures that dealers have a price point and product for every customer's need and pocketbook. Full bolt-on design and clear, well written instructions mean that jobbers can install most systems with minimal tools and in under forty-five minutes. And for everyone, toll free technical support that can talk even the least experienced installer through the process.

For the future, they are determined to provide the highest fill rates in the industry, offer the most complete line of exhaust for diesel and sports truck enthusiasts and to be always pushing upward the definition of performance.

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