Access Lorado Tonneau Cover

Access Lorado Tonneau Cover


  • Quick Clip storage straps secure your cover behind the cab with powerful nylon straps and an ultra strong buckle.
  • EZ-Dial sets cover tension with the turn of a dial, no tools required.
  • Tight Bite Clamps attach cover to bed without the need to drill into bed. Specifically cut "teeth" maintain a superior grip and exceptional strength.
  • Easy release with the pull of a cord. The AutoLatch automatically locks when the cover is closed.
  • Access covers feature a textured, double coated commercial grade reinforced vinyl. They remain flexible at -40, won't shrink in heat and resist fading against a hot relentless sun.
  • Patented slide lock offers additional locked protection for your cover. Push to lock, pull to unlock. Works with a locked tailgate to give you ultimate protection.
  • Hook & loop fastening system provides a high strength seal that runs the full length of your truck bed. Easy one person operation.
  • Look for the Slantback Rear Design,* make sure it's the original. The Slantback Rear Design is a registered U.S. Trademark of Agri-Cover, Inc.
  • Integrated fabric seal lasts as long as your cover. Not affected by hot or cold, this seal will not distort, crack or dry out & tear like rubber seals. The self-forming seal doesn't interfere with tailgate operation.
  • The optimal angle of our side rails was designed to provide a lifetime sealing system. The cover rises 1½" above the truck box allowing for increased capacity.
  • Lorado® comes with aluminum mill finish bows with black rails and bars, keeping your cover aligned for a better looking, longer lasting tonneau.


Access Lorado tonneau covers feature a low profile look, so as not to detract from your truck's appearance. Unlike other tonneau covers, the Lorado® doesn't sit 2 or 3 inches above the bed rails. The low profile angled rails compliment the sleek contours of your truck. For a truck cover that saves on gas, offers a great look, has advanced features like the auto locking mechanism and is easy to install you can not beat the Lorado®. Even better, check out the drastically reduced price in the cart, so Save on a Lorado® tonneau cover today. The Lorado® Tonneau Cover comes with a 5 Year Warranty on all components, and fabric!

The Access® Lorado® tonneau cover is the most favored cover from Access®. The Lorado® tonneau cover offers a low profile, soft, roll-up cover that will increase fuel economy while giving trucks a sleek appearance. The Lorado® tonneau cover has all the great amenities and components that differentiate an Access® tonneau cover from others in the industry. Designed to fit the shape and style of any truck, Lorado® roll-up tonneau covers gives a tight fit that will protect against rain, snow and dust. Adding extra security, the slide lock will prevent other from tampering with owner's personal items and the AutoLatch will lock automatically when closing the tonneau cover.

The maintenance of Lorado® tonneau covers is very simple. Wash with mild soap and water. Before using the product make sure it is safe for vinyl and polyester fabrics. The Lorado® tnneau cover has been tested in extreme temperatures and will not stretch in hot summer days or cold winter nights. We know that truck owners will be more than satisfied with their Lorado® cover! Lorado® tonneau covers are offered for many brands of trucks. Shop now and Save on a Lorado® cover!

Lorado Tonneau Covers are available for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Isuzu. We carry the largest selection at the Lowest Prices!

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The Access Lorado tonneau cover is a low profile cover designed for anyone who wants to give his/her truck a streamlined look while keeping the cargo safe. This cover is made from strong materials that protect it from any damages even as the weather outside changes. Installing and removing this cover is very easy and the whole process will take you 10 minutes or less.
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Tonneau covers are very important accessories for those who carry valuable cargo on their trucks. These covers come in many shapes and sizes with the common ones being the soft covers. The access Lorado covers are the best ones to buy as they are easy to install and guarantee protection of your cargo. Their installation does not require any technical skills and is as listed below.