Konig Wheels

Konig Wheels

KONIG Wheels are Now 40% Off and Ship Free. KONIG Rims have produced the best wheels for over 30 years. KONIG has created a product with the highest quality, styling, and performance. Many wheels have come and gone but this brand remains strong. Konig continues to be the definition of style. Years of track-tested innovations help to create the most coveted custom alloy wheels.

It all starts in the Konig Wheels state of the art factory, where they are made from a dynamic combination of sensible style and outstanding form. Konig Wheels race proven competitive superiority lies in its ability to create its wheels all in-house, they have the best equipment, and are a world class manufacturer. Konig Wheels are Certified by all leading global vehicle inspection organizations. They are offered in many Sizes, Finishes and Styles and strive to put out the best wheel each and every time – no exceptions.

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Color Up Your Ride with Konig Wheels
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It’s ok to have a little fun with your car. If you are a racer or are into speed then fun is the motto you live by every day to go out for a drive. With Konig Wheels you can have great performance and look good while you are at it too. Konig has been manufacturing wheels for all sectors of the auto market including passenger cars, trucks, SUVs and luxury vehicle to mention a few.
Konig Wheels Help Propel Team to Victory
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Gary Sheehan and Ali Arsham team is untouchable this season’s Nitto Tires United States Touring Car Championship. The team has so far managed three wins in a row in the Touring class to cement their lead in the standings. They currently have 394 points ahead of their fierce rival Mario Lento who has 343 points. With three races remaining this season, Sheehan and Arsham seem like the favourites to win this year’s championship.
Konig Wheels Calendar: Sexy Women and Badass Wheels
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For most men, there are only two things that are important in life: women and automobiles. Nobody understands this better than Konig Wheels. That is why they have been releasing a monthly calendar that features some of the sexiest models in the world, as well as a detailed description of their latest and greatest wheel product. If you haven't seen these calendars, they are a must see. Fortunately for you, we have it for you. Just check out our article here.
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Konig Rims

Konig Rims highlight styles that will change the way you look at your vehicle. These Rims are quality driven, race proven and street tested with durability out can count on.

Konig Rims will add style to any car, truck, or SUV. With a wide array of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from, we are more than confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at 4WheelOnline. Konig has been leading the aftermarket wheel industry for almost three decades and is continuing their journey with new designs. Check out our complete line of Konig Wheels and remember when you’re shopping with us you are getting the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on hundreds of items.

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