Good Hood

For 50 years Keystone Restyling Products (KRP), makers of Good Hoods, has been working hard to bring the latest and greatest accessories for all car and truck aficionados.

Check out the many new Good Hood applications here in Most hoods are engineered to add function as well as awesome looks. Ram air kits, hood scoops, pocket fenders -- Good Hoods has it all! Because Good Hoods craftsmen go the extra mile in every part they build, our composite hoods are among the finest fiberglass parts in the market and has won the Chrysler Corporation Design Excellence Award twice!

So if you are looking for unique award-winning styling, backed by people who are dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction, try the Keystone experience!

One of the most striking and impressive changes you can make when customizing your truck is by putting on a custom Good Hood product. The fiberglass material used is not only super-strong but is also lightweight, stylish and functional. Customizers and owners agree trucks enhanced by Good Hood are the envy at truck shows and neighborhoods across America!