K&N Diesel Cold Air Intakes

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K&N Diesel Air Intake

For over 40 years K&N filtration technology has enhanced the Diesel air filter providing more protection and performance that costumers expect. 6 layers of oiled cotton gauze sandwiched between two epoxy coated metal screens, K&N diesel air filters for trucks gives a top natch performance, protection and a lifetime air filter never need replacing. K&N air filters are made to stand vehicle abuse of horsepower and acceleration in addition to its capability of protection from dirt and dust of off-road racing. OE replacement air filters generally add 1-4 horsepower, and the large performance filters on diesel air intake systems help provide an increase of as much as 22 horsepower. There are 5 in house dynamometers that are sue to test the air filters and air intake systems enabling a full supervision of horsepower gains.

K&N Cold Air Articles and Reviews

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The original air intake systems on vehicles are generally restrictive because they engineered for a quieter sounding engine. An aftermarket air intake is a great way to gain a few horsepower and it dresses up the engine bay nicely with a sleek intake pipe paired with a performance filter. Generally, there are two different types of intakes: cold air and short ram. Both intakes will improve performance but there are advantages and disadvantages with both. To read more about air intakes, Click Here.

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Safety and consistency was K&N's goal with the Air filter they are known for. The increase of horsepower and fuel economy of diesel engines starts with building the world's best air filter. When the airbox is removed there is space for a larger filter. K&N's High-Flow Filter Technology can be functional to a large conical open element filter, giving more surface area and all the air that a diesel engine can breathe. The oversize air filter also captures and holds more dirt and particulate thus increasing the service life before a cleaning is required (up to 100,000 miles depending on driving conditions).

The next air of improvement is the air path between the filter and the motor. The Diesel application High-Flow Intake Systems incorporate rotationally molded High Density Polyethylene tubes and are black in color. The molded Polyethylene systems offer the most flexibility in design and the best possible horsepower numbers for added diesel performance.