K&N Air Intake

K&N Cold Air Intake 30% Off & Ships Free. A K&N Filtercharger® can actually double the air flow to engine, resulting in maximum horsepower the vehicle can make. The secret lies in the K&N Cold Air Intake Filtercharger® 's unique design. Conventional auto filters use paper or foam material permeated with millions of tiny, irregular passages that screen dirt particles out of the air. Because the dirt particles are trapped inside the passages, they quickly clog; and when this occurs, airflow restriction increases dramatically. The pleated design of a K&N Cold Air Intakes Filtercharger® provides five times more filtering surface over the element circumference than the typical OEM Filter. Stop depriving the engine for air and let it breathe free with a K&N intake!

5 Reasons To Get a K&N Cold Air Intake

  • Lots of manufacturers hype their intakes potential to increase horsepower, but we provide real K&N dyno charts and horsepower gains for every vehicle!
  • Installing a K&N Intake System is one of the easiest mods anyone can make, but don't take our word for it, anyone can view the installation instructions for every vehicle.
  • A K&N Intake is an inexpensive mod that can pay for itself over time through increases is fuel efficiency.
  • A K&N Intake provides immediate and noticeable increases in throttle response and drivability across the entire powerband!
  • K&N Cold Air Intakes can increase engine life by providing colder air, thus reducing operating stress on crucial components like the cooling, fuel and oil delivery systems.

K&N Intakes

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K&N Cold Air Intake is the best catalyst to horsepower investment that can be purchase for vehicle’s improvement. K&N has a team of knowledgeable engineers that are constantly designing, building, and testing new products that will enhance your vehicles performance. K&N Intake believes in delivering horsepower at an affordable price. Their Motto is simple; “If we can’t increase a car or truck’s horsepower then we won’t build a system for it”. K&N takes pride in their product and know everybody too! Many KN Intake Systems are street legal in all 50 states and also been tested to comply with emission standards.
The quality design and materials used by K&N to manufacture these intakes allows them to last literally forever, that's why K&N can offer an exclusive million mile warranty on every intake and filter, K&N cold air intake, FIPK intakes, air induction rams provide real added power to your vehicle. The cotton/screen wire filter media of a K&N Cold Air Intake Filtercharger® is saturated with a specially formulated air filter oil. Acting like a fluid curtain, this oil attracts particles of dirt and debris which build up on the outside of the filter.
On a street driven automobile, a K&N Intake Filtercharger® Filter element can last up to 50,000 miles before any cleaning or service is required. Then, just clean it, apply fresh K&N Filter Oil and re-install. More air flow, increased horsepower, long lasting performance, and an unbeatable Million Mile Warranty ¬ That's why, even after 35 years as the leading manufacturer of performance air filters, the K&N Cold Air Intake Filtercharger® is still on the cutting edge of air filtration technology. Make a move with K&N Intake today!
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