K&N Air Intake Kits

K&N Cold Air Intake Kits for Jeep feature K&N's Filter charger air filters as well as rotationally molded black High solidity Polyethylene tubes and heat barriers to stops hot air from being drawn into the Jeep’s engine. K&N technological efforts result in some real and noticeable gains of 10 percent or more in power and fuel economy. Actual Performance gains can vary by application but Jeep owners can expect significant and noticeable increases in throttle response and horsepower after a quick and easy installation!

K&N Air Intake Kit - Jeep

K&N Air Intake Kits

K&N has designed a performance air intake system for the 2007- 2011 Jeep Wrangler 3.8L. K&N tests dyno results show an estimated 7.92 horsepower gain at 4807 RPM with use of this K&N air intake modification. K&N tests multiple vehicles for each air intake system it makes to ensure a consistent horsepower and torque gain. K&N Air intake Kit for 2007 Jeep Wrangler 3.8L V-6 dyno test results shows that the power increase is said to be 8.17 hp at 4,807 rpm. To achieve more horsepower, K&N replaces the Jeep Wrangler's original intake assembly; including the airbox, air filter, and intake tube, with an all-new intake design. The new K&N air intake system draws air through a K&N filter that increases airflow and filtering capacity. The K&N filter is isolated from engine heat by a powder coated steel heat shield that replaces the stock airbox.

K&N Jeep 57-Series - K&N air intake kits use only non-metallic molded High degree of Polyethylene tubing that cuts down air temperature and decreases intake sound over a metal tube. K&N air Intake kits virtually get rid of air way limitation by replacing the air filter and the entire air path to the engine The precision engineered tube drives a massive amount of air into an engine, which converts into serious horsepower gains for your Jeep vehicle! .

K&N Jeep 63-Series Air -Charger intakes are a relative to the 57-Series and highlight the same molded HDPE structure, but are for newer models so they are not yet CARB excepted, so K&N 63 series is currently illegal for street use in the state of California. K&N Intake Kits will become street legal in CA when the CARB certification process is complete.

K&N Jeep 77-Series Polished finish kit part number’s end in "KP". Metal intake kits for Jeep Vehicles combine excellent performance and under-the-hood style. Featuring free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tubing, the 77-Series intakes have a highly polished aluminum finish, leading many Jeep drivers to opt for the outstanding visual appeal of K&N air intake kits. The metallic finishes are bold, beautiful and last forever.