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KMC, based in Riverside California is an industry leader in Wheel manufacturing. Although KMC originally produced steel wheels, now all KMC Wheels are aluminum alloy, which offers stronger and lighter wheels. The focus of KMC has been the trucks, Jeeps, and SUV market, yet now you will find KMC Wheels available for many other vehicles. KMC also offers Dually Wheels in black and chrome. KMC Wheels are available in a variety of spoke designs from thin and elegant, solid and split, to wide and concave. KMC also has simulated beadlock as well as a true beadlock wheels. A true beadlock is for off road use only, and is illegal for street use.

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KMC 651 Slide<br /> Chrome
From $ 272.25
KMC 651 Slide<br /> Gloss Black
From $ 185.25
KMC 673 Skitch<br /> Chrome
From $ 209.65
KMC 677 D2<br /> Chrome
From $ 249.75
KMC KM665 Surge <br/> Chrome
From $ 288.75
KMC KM672 Widow <br/> Chrome
From $ 278.25
KMC KM696 Pivot <br/> Bronze
From $ 175.50
KMC KM699 <br/> Satin Black
From $ 236.34
KMC KM700 <br/> Chrome
From $ 426.75
KMC KM700 <br/> Satin Black
From $ 189.00
KMC KM702 <br/> Chrome
From $ 352.50
KMC KM704 <br/> PVD
From $ 268.50
KMC KM704 <br/> Satin Black
From $ 242.25
KMC KM705 <br/> Chrome
From $ 347.25
KMC KM705 <br/> Gloss Black
From $ 175.50
KMC Wheels <br />KM690 Chrome
From $ 256.24
KMC Wheels <br />KM691 Silver
From $ 158.25
Select XD Wheels
XD Wheels <br />XD127 Satin Black
From $ 124.47
XD Wheels <br />XD820 Satin Black
From $ 160.99
XD Wheels <br />XD823 PVD
From $ 235.00
XD Wheels<br /> Buck 25 Chrome
From $ 467.00
XD WHEELS<br /> XD828 Chrome
From $ 256.00
XD779 Badlands Wheels<br> Chrome
From $ 250.00
XD795 Hoss Wheels <br> Chrome
From $ 167.44
XD795 Hoss Wheels <br> Gloss Black
From $ 166.00
XD797 Spy Wheels <br> Chrome
From $ 213.41
XD809 Riot Wheels <br> Chrome
From $ 245.88
XDS XD820 Grenade Chrome
From $ 242.00
XDW RS3 Matte Black
From $ 196.59
KMC Wheels Articles and Reviews (2)
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KMC wheels sponsored team, Menzies motorsport have been having a good year so far. The team extended their lead in August during the Lucas Oil off Road series. The team had a good run in both the Pro-2 and Pro-4 classes during rounds 9, 10, 11 and 12. Round 12 held at the Wild West Motorsports Park saw Jeremy McGrath secure a 1st place podium finish.
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KMC wheels sponsored racer, Carl Renezeder, has had a good year so far with wins in both the pro-2 and pro-4 categories. In rounds 5 and 6 held two weeks ago, Renezeder managed 3 podium finishes that put him closer to the top spot in the overall standings. Going to rounds 7 and 8, Renezeder was number 2 in the overall standings and managed to maintain this spot after the two races.

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KMC Rims not only manufacturers rims, it is involved and active in the industry. Team KMC sponsors many professional racers including; Jim Riley, Randy the Roddfather Rodd, Camburg Racing, Casey Mears, Rickey Johnson, Jesse Jones, Carl Renezeder, Derek West, Justin Matney, Off Road Evolution, Loren Healey, Bryce Menzies, Cameron Steel, Jim Beaver, Tonka Todd Romano, and Travis Pastrana. But step out of the automotive world and KMC is still involved, sponsoring Surfer James O’Brien, winner of the Pipeline Masters, Robbie Madison in freestyle Motocross, and Gerald “G-Man” Swindel in the Bassmasters Series. We applaud commitment and generosity and thank KMC Rims for their involvement. To learn more visit Team KMC.

KMC is known as a leader in wheel design. It is one of the most popular and sought after brands available, please review the various wheel styles below and you will see why. Years ago when Chrome was the popular finish, it was KMC which began to offer and popularize the black wheel, which quickly became as, if not more, popular. Now KMC Wheels are offered in Chrome, Black, and Black with a variety of machined accents.

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