CJ6 Jeep Tops

Jeep CJ6s have many years of wear and tear but they are still pulling strong. Keep your CJ6 looking good with a new Jeep Top. Jeep Tops endure quite a substantial amount of damage whether it’s shielding the weather, blocking debris or guarding the intense heat of the sun; over time your new Jeep has become a product of Mother Nature. With a new Jeep Top, you will remove year off your Jeep and provide exceptional coverage and protection.

Check out our complete selection of Jeep Soft Tops and Jeep Bikini Tops for your CJ6. We have the Lowest Prices, Exceptional Customer Service and Fast Shipping. We will deliver you the same quality products without changing you the extra fees, like other companies.

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About the Jeep CJ6

Jeep CJ6 Tops now 25% Off and Ship Free. The Jeep CJ6 emerged to the Jeep stage in late 1955, following its sister, the CJ5, in 1954. The sole distinction between the pair of Universal Jeeps was the dimensions of their particular wheelbases. The CJ6 was an entire 20 inches lengthier versus the CJ5, having a wheelbase of 101" as compared to the CJ5's 81". This gave the CJ6 an advantage in cargo and passenger space, carrying up to 8 passengers by using the optional additional installed back seats, or transport over 1500 pounds of equipment and supplies.

One might imagine that the extended roomier CJ6 would have been a fantastic hit with the market following the stubbiness of the little CJ5 and earlier Jeep designs in the earlier decade. But for whatever reason the CJ6 just didn't retain pace with the CJ5. One feasible explanation could be that much of the marketing campaign of the CJ6 presented this Jeep model as a work vehicle. However, by the mid-'50s there was sufficient levels of competition between different leading truck and utility suppliers who were offering much more cargo and passenger room in their applications versus the utilitarian CJ6.

The elongated CJ6 was finally put to rest by the end of 1975. But marketing campaigns aside, the CJ6 is a well-respected Jeep model to this day, and the brief life span of the CJ6's production only serves to make the models in existence today all-the-more prized possessions for collectors and enthusiasts.

Jeep Soft Tops & Jeep Bikini Tops

The most common Jeep Tops are the Soft Tops and the Bikini Tops. Both of these are considered a must have among Jeep enthusiast. Commonly alternated between the two, Jeep Soft Tops and Jeep Bikini Tops will be able to adapt to any weather conditions and any temperature. The Jeep Soft Tops will protect against rain while maintaining a rugged look. Soft Tops are made to be flexible yet durable. Our Soft Tops are made with resilient fabrics that are actually stronger than that from the Jeep factory. Bikini Tops are most commonly used on warm summer days and breezy spring days. Bikini Tops are designed to guard against direct sunlight from above while allowing the openness on the sides. Both Bikini Tops and Soft Tops are inexpensive and will transform your Jeep.